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Radial Smudge Signature Tutorial

My first tutorial. Done in Photoshop CS6.

"Background 6" By ElenaDudina [link]

Comfortaa font by aajohan [link]

Aurora Brushes by ShiftyJ [link]
(only one brush is used)

Please link back here or to my dA and comment if you redistribute my tutorial. Thanks!
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Great tutorial helped me alot.
Schmearer's avatar
very cool technique and useful!
Crueldadxlorea's avatar
This effect is amazing ö
toba122's avatar
Wow, this could be great for all kinds of things honestly. Very abstract.
V3Digitimes's avatar
Thank you for sharing, really instructive!
vcdfre's avatar
niceeee......i love it..
LiagnisArts's avatar
An interesting way to do things.
Traumelfe's avatar
Thanks for sharing this fantastic tut!
13vamps's avatar
i absolutely love the effect this gives :)
Julyuary's avatar
Glad you like it!
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aking144's avatar
Thanks for sharing :)

Nice and good technique, don't forget my offer xD
Pajaroespin's avatar
please translate spainis them please
XxmarzipanxX's avatar
Man, I tried to do this because it seemed cool
but I am full retard at anything Photoshop related....
so mine came out looking like glowing diarrhea.
I think the problem was that I couldn't get my smudge brush to work the same way yours did. Even with the brushes installed, mine just blended and mushed it all to crap.
Julyuary's avatar
Could you post the settings for yours on skype?
XxmarzipanxX's avatar
sheet, I re-set my brush settings after I kept messing it up. I'll try to do it again and send them.
XxmarzipanxX's avatar
I just realized I was using the blur brush instead of the smudge brush....I feel so smart right now. I got it to work fine.
Your pictures still look way better.
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Thanks for making this July! I'm definitely going to try this in my spare time!

Mind if I share a preview of this with a link to your DA on the EY forums?
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