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james lily wip

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So some of you suggested that I post more scraps and wips, since I haven't been posting as much lately.

I thought I'd post this because I'd like some quick feedback.

I'm just not sure if it looks how I think it does, James is just supposed to be sitting on his bed with a piece of paper and Lily is climbing on to the bed. Also let me know if the proportions are off, although I don't want to change anything major if I can help it.

This is just a panel from a larger drawing. Any guesses as to what James' holding? (Your guesses will probably be better than what it really is haha)
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1-Lilith-1Hobbyist Photographer
I think it looks great so far, just how I pictured them =)
And it looks to me like they're in a Hogwarts room, probably James' Heads dorm, and judging by their expressions, he's holding a letter informing him of his parents' deaths :'(
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I really like Lily here. You have such amazing drawing skills, the only thing that I can put CC on is that James' position looks a bit stiff/awkward (in some places), but it's hard to notice at first sight, plus, it's probably what you meant to do anyways . . . so pardon me. :) Anyways, excellent piece.
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Zigen-LadyProfessional Digital Artist
I'd say that Dumbledore is warning them that they have to move to hide from Voldy :P

anywho, I can't think of any critique besides James' missing left hand lol
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morlockinessHobbyist General Artist
IDK if this count as major, but I think James' hand should be a little bit bigger. Can't wait to see the full thing!
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Noted! Thanks for letting me know :)
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NixiEvansHobbyist Traditional Artist
:la: :la: :la: :la:
It's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Haha thanks, I'm glad you think so :aww:
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NixiEvansHobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem!! ^^
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Maurder's Map!

My only critique is that they both look BORED. Maybe add a little mischief? It's amazing looking so far, though~
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I'll prob change their expressions a bit... they're supposed to look more 'solemn' than 'bored'... I'll see what happens when it's in color...
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GwendolaineStudent Digital Artist
The 0only thing I'd say is show a bit more of the bottom of the picture so you see some more of her leg (up to a little below the knee) and see how it's bending toward the ground. When I first loked at it i thought she had her left foot tucked under her like the right one and she was falling off the bed or something :P Lily's expression also is a bit odd, it might make sense if I knew what the paper was, as she looks a bit ticked off or bored? Not sure what face she's making.
Other than that it's awesome ^^ I love James's expression.
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SlytherGryffinPuffHobbyist General Artist
A grocery list! Haha. First thing to come to my mind. xD
Oh and if you're getting on a bed, I thought your arms might...er...behave differently? LOL Cause the way her arms are, it looks like she's getting off the bed.
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Haha a grocery list? I guess the Hogwarts food isn't cutting it, lol. I'll try to fix Lily's arms... somehow...
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SlytherGryffinPuffHobbyist General Artist
LOL I can't wait to see what the end result is :D
floating-cranes-726's avatar
OMG EXCITED! :) I would say it's the marauders map, but it seems more normal than that... er... a love confession from Lilikins?
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xxAnimeRocksxxHobbyist Traditional Artist
i like it maybe hes giving lily a love note ?
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James looks a little lost and hopeless, while Lily looks a bit like she's gonna try and get his butt back in gear. The paper could possibly be something about his parents falling ill, or maybe something about Voldemort. Overall, still better than what I do. :)
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EmergencyDecoyStudent Writer
Somethings wrong maybe, someones hurt, and Lily feels as though she needs to comfort him or something.
Oh Maybe James wrote her a letter asking her something and she replied something really hurtful, and he's real hurt, but then Lily wants to take it back, and is awkwardly climbing on the bed to do so and James is at a lost for words.
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BeansieHobbyist Writer
Yeah, the absence of James's leg is the only thing I really notice.

He looks quite depressed, and that looks more like a letter he's holding than the marauder's map or a photograph. My guess is a letter that one of his parent's is mortally ill or something, since they died sometime between 1977 and 1981, and they do look older in this picture (and judging by the fact Lily's in this picture, I'd say 1977 or 1978.)

Wow, I'm sad now. I'm not sure if that was your intent, but that's what I thought. :shrug:
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You're pretty close! And you got the time period right which is a relief to me. I'll have to fix James' leg, part of it was showing and I don't know where it went when I uploaded this.
GryffindorAtHeart's avatar
Wonderful as usual... my only suggesting is to make the bed wider at the end... it looks disproportional to the headboard... You should be able to see the edge of the bed between James and Lily on the far side?

With regards to the paper... a letter? I know his parents died from dragon-pox... possibly new that they're ill? I hope not, because that is sad news, but James does look upset. ):

Keep up the good work, I love seeing your new drawings! :D x
julvett's avatar
Okay, thanks for the suggestion! Where did you hear that his parents died from dragon-pox? I'm pretty sure JKR didn't say that, did she?
GryffindorAtHeart's avatar
I honestly can't remember where I heard it... Ah here it is.

"The couple were elderly at the time, which suggests they may have come down with dragon pox, which is known to pose a particular threat to aged wizards." - Harry Potter Wiki

So no JKR didn't say it; it's just a suggestion. Now I feel stupid. Haha.
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