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Zip Me Up Alternative Scene

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Published: November 25, 2010
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Deathly Hallows Movie Spoiler, kinda.

Yeah, so everyone's talking about this one scene right? SO AWKWARD. But one thing more awkward than George walking in on Harry and Ginny kissing would be for him to walk in on Ginny just standing there half dressed. :hmm:

*waits for arguments about how this scene made Ginny a slut or not*

Personally, I thought the shoelaces thing from HBP was weirder :P

Sorry there's not too much effort put into this, I had to finish it by tonight or else I wouldn't be able to post it until next week
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EmakoBlueHobbyist General Artist
First of all, no. This scene did not make Ginny a slut. The girl just wanted her dressed zipped up. She didn't ask for his dick. Hinny is the best ship. And the definition of a slut is a girl that sleeps with a ton of guys, something Ginny hasn't done.
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MagicCreatorKHobbyist General Artist
I would be the one blocking the wands, omfg that definitely happened.
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TheBrandonianHobbyist Artist
Lol wandblocked
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Ron(i think) does have a good point.
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EmakoBlueHobbyist General Artist
No he does not.
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weasly-is-our-king12Hobbyist General Artist
That's George. But, yes, he does
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Miss-dreamerkatHobbyist General Artist
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GlanzfellHobbyist General Artist
Hahaha, what the fuck xDD
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Well, George knows that Harry isn't a pervert and that he's totally innocent about "the thing" XD

George: Ginny, stop taking avantage for Harry's innocence
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kaijakuHobbyist General Artist
duuude that is exactly what would happen
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IcecubefrozenHobbyist Photographer
XD loved it :)
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swiftstrike111Hobbyist Photographer
serves Harry right. It's payback for all those you wandblocked
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howlsilver22139Hobbyist General Artist
True. Ron and Hermione are about to have a moment and Harrys like "guys Ummmm I'm here too?"
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ApplewinkyfaceProfessional Digital Artist
Of course it was Snape. He hates Fred and George. XD

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Ahhh, it was totally an accident, though.... he was aiming for someone else and missed. (Which is why he was never a Quidditch player.)
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ApplewinkyfaceProfessional Digital Artist
What happened to George's head??

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harmonyluvrHobbyist General Artist
Georgy's the best.

I've always wondered what hints J.K.R gave that showed Harry loved Ginny and Gin got over her crush, since I've read the books a lot of times, but never found any. Can someone note me the book and page # that shows/hints that Harry loves Ginny BEFORE the 6th book?
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That's the thing, there isn't any.

My major issue with Hinny (Harry/Ginny): the transformation of Harry's perception of Ginny.

Harry goes from seeing "little sis of his best mates, she still can't say a damn sentence to me, she's still a bloody fangirl" to "SHE IS A SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT GAL, I FEEL JEALOUSY SO I MUST BE IN LOVE WITH THE CHIC" in the span of, what? Two months? There is no instigator for this rapid change in perspective, and NO, hormones is NOT a plausible reason, puberty starts at 12-13, not 16. Harry also described him experiencing a clawing feeling in his chest from a scaly green monster whenever seeing Ginny and her boyfriend (no matter which guy it was), which is consistent with the human reaction from being jealous. It isn't helped by Harry's inexperience with love, by no fault of his own (abusive Dursley environment), and concludes that he is in love. He isn't in love, he's just mistaken jealousy for love.
I sometimes wonder if potions played a role in the Hinny development, including potioning Hermione, as she would never argue with Harry using notes, especially if they worked. After all, what were new editions of textbooks? Information being improved by people making notes. And for Harry to finally be a little enthusiastic about his education, in potions no less, she would be encouraging this new side of Harry, not reprimanding him. And besides, didn't Molly tell Hermione and Ginny that she made love potions as a young girl? Love potions are illegal. And the idea that an obsessive fangirl uses love potions on the object of her obsession after mother declares it an acceptable practice? Not exactly far-fetched.

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George = Best Bro Ever XD
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luneonartsStudent General Artist
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