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Hey guys, here's that Lily/James comic I've been promising (for a few months now.) It was for a fest on livejournal, and I didn't realize I could only post it here once the reveals were over, which they are now. The prompt was 'Dancing on a frozen lake', I hope you don't mind that I'm submitting it in April :P

Hope you like it :)
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so is this now Snape or Sirius when you think about it They looking the same from face.
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I just about burst out laughing when I saw Sirius sliding in😂😂😂
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"Never my fault."
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iriscilla Yeah, Snape was probably jealous and decided to ruin the moment
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they where having a nice moment then BAM! love ur styleBillDip Icon Valentines Birb Dance  
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Haha! I thought it was Snape first, it would make sense too.
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I thought wizads were forbidded from taking part in muggle sports...
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aw he just wanted to have a...SIRIUS moment!
i'm not sorry
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Sirius should've said "You guys need to watch where *I'm* going. That's SO SIRIUS! LOL
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Oh Padfoot.
King of cockblocks.
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I love your James and Lily series of work!
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Haha good one Padfoot! XD
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Another beautiful moment ruined by Sirius. Sigh.
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Very funny! Nice job.
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You can't tell me Sirius didn't do that on purpose.
We all know he was afraid of losing James to Lily.
P.S. Sirius AKA third wheel AKA me
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Sirius- "Hey, we need James! Who else is gonna push Remus in to the tunnel when he undergoes his transformation?"
Lily- "What transformation?"
James- "Uh..."
Sirius- "...oh"
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*cues Can You Feel The Love Tonight but, instead of Timon and Pumbaa, it's Sirius and Remus*
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"Watch where you'r skating"!? Sirius, you charged into them like a crazed bull!
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Sirius Black, Moment-Killer.
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