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So I finally picked up Eclipse yesterday, and I freaking love Rosalie. How's she all like, "I killed five humans... no wait seven humans... okay, good night Bella, sweet dreams!" Haha, she's so hardcore.

So here's how I pictured that part in the story, where she comes back to kill Royce in his windowless room. He was such a jerk. And she's in a wedding dress. That she stole. SHE"S SO AWESOME.
Yeah I've said it before- there needs to be less anime fanart of Twilight. It's driving me crazy.

The other best part (so far) was when Bella was like, "Jake. how hard is it to put a shirt on!?!" and then she's like *blush* and he's like, "Does me being half-naked in your house make you uncomfortable?" LOL.

Oh guess what I know there's not supposed to be any blood... but it makes her look more psycho. The blood is just an illusion... i should shut up now.

edit 10/05/08: fixed rose's torso in last panel
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I always liked Rosalie, she's so dramatic in her revenge it's funny. She'll scare Royce to death even if she didn't kill him.