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Marauders Facebook Timeline 1

Oh hey guys, long time no see ;)

Here's a part of a project I've been working on, called the Marauders Facebook Timeline. I did this all in Photoshop- I tried to actually make the accounts to do it, but facebook wouldn't let me create 'Sirius Black', haha. I basically tried to incorporate most of the things we know about the Marauders, and maybe a little bit on my own fanon.

Some of the expressions are really American-ized, so I'm sorry if its hard to people from other countries to understand! I don't mind answering questions about it. I got this idea from, they do this kind of with a lot of different topics. So if you want to do your own don't feel like you're copying me, haha.

So this is part 1, and parts 2 and 3 will be posted later.

Other parts:

Pics used: [link]

Believe it or not, there's a facebook fan page for these timelines, made by ~imbettingonalice1901:[link]

EDIT: Yes, Alice's last name should be Prewett there, but I feel like most people wouldn't recognize Neville's mom's maiden name.
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RoseShane's avatar
God! I can't stop laughing!
CassieCat242's avatar
This is majestic... I'd love to see more!!
This is so brilliant! You're so creative! Please do more of these❤️!
'Albus Dumbledore likes this' I couldn't stop laughing :D
WindySilver's avatar
"Shut up snape everyone knows your patronus is a flobberworm" sure cracked me up! XD
Adachigawa's avatar
All tiz timelines are HILARIOUS!
I'm soooo happy wasting my time like that.

Pwwweaaazz, marry me?
Birkenlaub's avatar
This is really cool, the only thing that bothers me is that James says he scored 25 goals but he's the seeker?
FALSE. JAMES WAS A CHASER. in more ways than one... wink
Swanbreeze's avatar
"Albus Dumbledore likes this"... omg that made me lol so hard :XD:
AleHeatherStalkrGirl's avatar
The picture Remus drew is so adorable . . . . . . and Sirius, Snape's Patronus is a doe.

The little-kid profile pictures are so cute too!
TheRealLeader's avatar
Albus Dumbledore likes this.

Love it.
RemusLupin1234's avatar
Yeah Remus, it's super inaccurate. Pft, it's not like your a werewolf or anything. 
Kecgirl's avatar
Albus Dumbledore likes this xD xD xD
TheRealLeader's avatar
I love Sirius's picture
nougatetmephisto's avatar
You got me with "Albus Dumbledore like this" hahahahahaha
Cederlina's avatar
haha this made me laugh out loud. Dumbledore liking that hacked!Sev is gay, lol :D
vivalabookworm's avatar
i laughed entirely too much
tereLovato's avatar
I love it hahhaaahahahahahahha 
pim-nee's avatar
how could you not want the drawing sirius, you meanie D:
EllaJeam1027's avatar
Is your name the latin form of a wolf? Are you secretly a werewolf
morlockiness's avatar
omfg i am dying this is perfect
birdy2000's avatar
Jellybeanclub's avatar
Yes, Remus, that quiz is COMPLETELY inaccurate...
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