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This is probably why I was never asked out all that much also.
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...I've literally read every single "Jily"

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend
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OMG... I. love. This.
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Hilarious! Best. Thing. EVER.
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"The enemy of my enemy..."

That is just plain scary. And also funny. Very funny. Well drawn, and well done.
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Lol this is great. Can totally imagine both of them doing this. 
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The ONE thing they agree on. One of them is the one to marry Lily
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Very funny. James and Snape actually agreeing about one one else is good enough competition for Lily.
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Double thumbs up!
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Just imagine this!
I’m still smiling....
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"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
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I laughed so much at that one!
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Lol hilarious
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I think the best part is that I can actually see them doing this.
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Too good! xDDD
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simply wonderful
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this is perfection LOL
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My favourite comic :D
On this day, we sign a pact. No matter what our arguments, no matter what we do to each other, we vow that no other man deserves to be with Lily Evans. 

Severus Snape 
James Potter 
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The sad thing is I can actually see them writing and signing such a document.
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Nice! Probably the only time Snape cooperated with James.
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I love this so much!!!
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This is hilarious, ahah
Love it!
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So cute! Love your style!
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