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Twilight in training [Comic]

By Julunis14
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Bonk, go to Ponyville

art by me // Twilight, Celestia (c) hasbro
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Bad Twiggly! You need friends and don't you forget it.

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That's a pretty accurate depiction of what happened.

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I've always found that spray bottles work better for training Twilights. When I tried using a rolled-up newspaper she just kept stealing it from me to try to read it.

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Bad Twi! Bad bad

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Well, that's one way of staying updated with world events... XD XD

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Hey, just because she spent so much time in the Canterlot library doesn't mean she was antisocial. She did have friends, although she did avoid them when going off to business.

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Twilight: B-b-but I got a B.B.B.F.F! Isn't that en-

Celestia: Mmmm.

T: *bonk!*

C: Nope.

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XD well isn't that pretty much how it went down?
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Another fine use for the Canterlot Daily.

Some ponies think that the paper is a rag only fit for lining the cages of phoenixs.


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"Your punishment is to spend the next ten years in our nation's psych ward: Ponyville."

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Twilight abuse!

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