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Odzrizara - Blood Witch


Ѻdzrizara became a bloody witch, by the fault of the invaders of her land, it happened many years ago, almost all her people were destroyed by the bad people, her entire family was burned.

(People who came to someone else’s land, destroyed the inhabitants in their own land, spread diseases, burned villages, blew death and disorder.) After the death of her relatives, she fought for a long time with her hatred of the murderers, and she managed to pay off a part.

Little Odzi, was caught and hanged. Now her spirit is in the trees, birds, animals, in the forests of her birth. The spirit wanders in the forests here, even after death, she continues to help her people. Forests have always been her home, the forest breathed with her, and she, many times the invaders tried to burn the forests, but something always prevented them. This forest has always been avoided because of what happened once, it was called "damned."
Many murderers who saw her ghost, immediately sat and then died, many of them suffered for a long time in a curse, and their offspring suffered.

Many years have passed, this terrible event remained in the memory of many, people from the tribe say that it was revived thanks to the Goddess (Leozomzu) (Goddess of the Otherworld), many rumors that 
Ѻdzrizara was seen in the port, that it caused the plague and cursed people. People are great storytellers, everything has an explanation, isn't it?


We are all accustomed to the fact that witches are always bad, a stereotype, witches were and are in every nation, these were women and girls who were engaged in herbs, who were always subjected to a negative attitude from the Church and society, simply because they were healers, treated incurable diseases, in primitive times it was considered something supernatural, these women knew their craft very well, were very good doctors, cured diseases that even the church could not cope with, for this they always caused people watch The church at all times imposed fear of things that really should not be afraid, but people believed in everything they were told.

In this story, I write on behalf of two persons, the doctor of the Indian, who is also a Witness, and the Wanderer, he is a ranger who keeps a diary.

With the spread of Christianity, all witches, as well as everything that did not fit into the postulates of the new religion, they ranked as evil forces and servants of the devil, starting a full-scale extermination, a real hunt. They were accused of everything: crop failure, famine, natural disaster, epidemic. Many innocent mothers have fallen victim to the ignorance of religious fanatics and Christian clergy.

Any magical, secret knowledge in the old days was called witchcraft, whether it was a cure for diseases or the guidance of damage.

Born witch had great knowledge and could do both evil and good.

“Odzrizara - blood witch” - gold leaf (imitation) and pencil.

2018, from my imagination.

sorry for my bad English.

Likrium (Bird demon)
This is not a human, it’s a bird (female) that takes a human form. A demon whose soul was imprisoned in the body of a bird many centuries ago. 
The trap of bird demon is composed in creating illusions around human destinies. Pulling victim into trust, showing them her “wonderful world”, the demon is pushing the fools into the hellish abyss, into a labyrinth of temptation, from which there is no way out. After the bird demon sucks out all vital forces, she releases people from its own world, but without mind, with an exhausted soul, without vital energy. 
The bird demon cannot physically kill, she doesn't see people in their world. Only at the call of her singing, lured into her world, can she influence the victim. Feeding with their pain, fear and suffering, by this actions, she restores her strength.

from imagination.
2 Coins In One Chain

People in this city, outwardly friendly and kind, but this is all a pretense / mask, almost all of them are servants and origination of Satan. Their eyes reflect fornication and dirt. Their souls are empty, there is nothing human inside them. There are almost no normal people left in this city. Clean and good people try to leave this hell, the city does not let them leave, clean and good people only remains to walk like ghosts, trying to be invisible because of all the forces.

Once this city was shining, life was full swing on the streets, it was saturated with the joy of happy people. Those days in the past, with the arrival of the damned, everything changed, damned, they are - Icvorednab, (big mistake of my parents' is was coming to this city.)

No matter how good you are, you will always be an enemy in this city. They feel pure energy, they begin to turn out when they look at normal people. If you are normal, and you are in this city, you must pretend that you are your own, damned as they are. For these “citizens” perverted things are the norm, the bad ones are good and vice versa.

The city of damned, the city of anger and hatred, envy and traitors, this city never sleeps: almost every night someone dies in dark alleys, strange moans from basements are heard, the atmosphere smells of decomposing flesh, the whisper of the lost, the cries of the damned from the dead nameless streets, demonic laughter and crying, the damned make strange sounds that make it impossible to sleep, in the morning, the damned behave as if everything is normal, they are always whispering among themselves, if you look long in their eyes, the body becomes numb, the blood in veins (become) is hardens, it's getting terribly cold inside.

This city is saturated with rot, with the suffering of innocent people, God has long forgotten about this place. The city is not marked on the map, but people from other places know about its existence. In general, the country has a very dirty reputation and the past, most cities are empty, it is a country of lost.

And I, out of reach, like the ghost of this city, always somewhere in the shadows, watching.


 City of damned, it is also called “the ghost city”, because of the eternal mist around, which makes it invisible.

personal work.

Incubus nightmares

In the Bible mentioned about Nephilim, written that they were offspring of the God with people.

4 years ago I spoke with one priest on the topic of the connection of demons with people, and about “Nephilim”, I was always interested in the topic of the other worlds and their inhabitants, the afterlife. The priest did not want to talk about this topic, he said that (those people who flirt with evil spirits, waiting for failure) my great-grandfather was a Voodoo man, and used magic only for good purposes, I don’t flirt, just interested, in the end, he said that Nephilim were not only descendants of God with people, but also children from Satan with people, which is extremely rare, and demons with people —often, they always lived in sin, and not all of them were giants, they had different classification in growth.

                                                                       I continued

When Nephilim was furious, they turned into huge creatures, and destroyed everything in their path, they were inhabitants of other worlds, they always took a human forms. Their real appearance can be seen with a piece of glass, in order to see them, you need a tear of Nephilim, which is in the river, "river of the dead" or the old name "river of lamentation", which is in the second dimension (Zrezetlaza), where Nephilim come to atone their sins.

This drawing shows a family conflict, the daughter, and the father (Incubus), on the background. The daughter has driven her father into a temporary trap, called - “Vedzdrсsha”, this is a trap for demons, which no can escape, except the Nephilim, and slowly kills with the help of demonic birds, this is revenge for the death of Mother. 

Tools: pencil “Marсo” - B & “Kohinoor” - 8B

Size: 28x42

from my imagination.



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