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Damselfly Project for sale $$ by juliusx12
Mature content
Damselfly Project for sale $$ :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 170 7
Hurry  get home!! by juliusx12
Mature content
Hurry get home!! :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 86 7
bound on his birthday by juliusx12
Mature content
bound on his birthday :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 124 4
when daddys away  by juliusx12
Mature content
when daddys away :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 196 9
Appreciation post by juliusx12
Mature content
Appreciation post :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 59 5
A spooky night! by juliusx12
Mature content
A spooky night! :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 130 4
grateful good girl by juliusx12
Mature content
grateful good girl :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 182 8
Commission to buy :-) by juliusx12
Mature content
Commission to buy :-) :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 101 8
Untitled by juliusx12
Mature content
Untitled :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 119 7
Going out?  by juliusx12
Mature content
Going out? :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 153 9
lunch break by juliusx12
Mature content
lunch break :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 88 6
unwilling by juliusx12
Mature content
unwilling :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 97 3
panty stuffed by juliusx12
Mature content
panty stuffed :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 86 5
A good housewife by juliusx12
Mature content
A good housewife :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 96 7
Untitled by juliusx12
Mature content
Untitled :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 143 9
sunday funday  by juliusx12
Mature content
sunday funday :iconjuliusx12:juliusx12 97 10


Showing Off by gexrus
Mature content
Showing Off :icongexrus:gexrus 48 10
Bedtime by gexrus
Mature content
Bedtime :icongexrus:gexrus 90 12
Trees bear fruit in summertime,
While I puff on grass to form a rhyme
Grass and fruit bring scents on warm breezes
And so she blew into my life with ease
A face like a flower, eyes like the sky
Watch her bloom with the sunshine and see her smile alight
She’s a warm summer day and she can slip the stress away
Risk a trip across the oceans and watch me celebrate
If she’s ripe I’ll pick her, juices flowing into mine
We’ll pass the time with sexy alibis,
Leave your words and control behind
Bite down on this, it’s soft and you’re ready
She’s my low-hanging berry, in my basket she’s steady
I can eat her once, twice, forever, she keeps growing
A tree in my yard and her colors keep showing
I’m the richest man, but not in treasure or loot
Was wealthy the day she asked to be my fruit
I’ll sit in her shade, she’ll cry on my shoulder
She’ll always be at home with me,
That’s what I told her
Put your hand in mine, vines in
:icongexrus:gexrus 3 3
Evening Getaway by gexrus
Mature content
Evening Getaway :icongexrus:gexrus 57 9
Purple Flowers And The Structure Of White Wall by skarzynscy Purple Flowers And The Structure Of White Wall :iconskarzynscy:skarzynscy 43 8 On The Cracks  Wall by skarzynscy On The Cracks Wall :iconskarzynscy:skarzynscy 81 6 Songbird by gexrus
Mature content
Songbird :icongexrus:gexrus 173 5
Stashed and Stuffed by gexrus
Mature content
Stashed and Stuffed :icongexrus:gexrus 224 16
Cuddle Time by gexrus
Mature content
Cuddle Time :icongexrus:gexrus 153 17
Tutor by gexrus
Mature content
Tutor :icongexrus:gexrus 82 11
You seen Becky? by gexrus
Mature content
You seen Becky? :icongexrus:gexrus 78 3
Gorgeous OTM by gexrus
Mature content
Gorgeous OTM :icongexrus:gexrus 102 7
Felicia and Louise by mileshendon
Mature content
Felicia and Louise :iconmileshendon:mileshendon 264 20
Sometimes she does the tying by gexrus
Mature content
Sometimes she does the tying :icongexrus:gexrus 113 3
Good Secretary 1 by gexrus
Mature content
Good Secretary 1 :icongexrus:gexrus 159 6
Alex by mileshendon
Mature content
Alex :iconmileshendon:mileshendon 277 48


Damselfly Project for sale $$
I tried something new & naughty today and took a bunch of fun bondage selfies of me in lots of different positions and gags. This commission was done entirely by me, since I’m testing out my self-bondage skills. My usual photographer, gexrus, doesn’t know I’ve done this😈 There’s 35 pictures of me gagged, self-tied, and having fun picturing what someone would do if they found me like this. I appreciate everyone on here who likes my pictures. If you’re interested in buying the photo set, please message me for details :)
Hurry get home!!
daddy’s got a little birthday present waiting for him at home. But if he doesn’t get here in time it might be gone and stashed away in a strangers trunk!! Please come claim your present before it’s too late!!

bound on his birthday
wishing my handsome owner a very happy birthday today. pleasing you and being by your side is what I like to do everyday, but today I hope to make you feel extra special😈 this little damsel thinks the best way to celebrate you is by giving you all control of me for the night ;) what do you say, daddy?
when daddys away
my man had to go out of town this weekend, and he left me here! Uggh! I sent him a few pics to confuse him- am I being taken for real or just trying to make him wish he were here??? He’ll never know
Appreciation post
I feel to always be the highlight of these bondage posts, as the woman/submissive in general serves as the main point of focus and attention. I’m the one getting roped up and gagged. I’m the face who is plastered all over here. But it’s important to recognize the man who made it all possible for me. He introduced me to bondage & has wholly expanded my perception on how to have a healthy, sexually satisfying relationship. He is more in tune with my needs than I am, and he takes care of me in all the ways I need it. He is perfect to me. I do love bondage for myself now, but I feel a fiery inspiration to mmph louder and beg harder when I see him look at me. As much as he needs me in his ropes, I need his control and protection. I am grateful for you, daddy ;)


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leastring Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2019
nice shoot lover bound gagged blindfolded bandana
Rob66 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2018
Hope you're having a nice birthday and wishing you a very happy New Year too!
Crossfire7 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2018  Professional General Artist
Happy Birthday! :cake:
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Happy B 'day
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happy birthday !
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Happy Birthday/New Year:)
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Happy Birthday-New Year! :D
canucksfan17 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Heyo saw that the other page got deactivated, any reason for that if you dont mind me asking? I loved all of your guys' content
Rob66 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018
Hiya. Just wondering why Gexrus deactivated his account. I was surprised by that and couldn't read his status post. Sorry for bothering you.
Atador32 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018
No entiendo cómo hasta hoy encontré tu página, una modelo tan guapa que modela para mi tema preferido, ¡y de España! Undertale: Empty SOUL  Aunque no usas el español en tus publicaciones. 
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