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Caves Remastered

full version of my one year progress
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Absolutely stunning
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I've been roaming around your gallery for awhile now, you have some very proffessional work here :la:, may I ask whether you are a student or actively workin in an art related field?
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hey thanks for checking out my work! im not working just yet as mainly cos I have not applied anywhere and I only started about a year ago so my confidence is not quite ready. soon I do hope to be working in the field soon:) (Smile) it will be a glorious day
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Excellent :D-ur just the person I need advice frm. I'm a SA aspiring artist who's lookin to get into digital design and illustration 1day. I'm currently in high school and have applied for varsities everywhere :meow:

Before I bombard you with questions about the SA job opportunities in creative field, I wanted to ask a little about you? Where+what did you study? Where are you based? What work you lookin to get into :)
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hey dude sorry on the late reply! been gone for a few days! as far as me studying in the art field
i only did art in high school!and when it comes to art schools i dont agree with them!
they are more a business than anything els!im a firm believer in learning everything online provided
you have the right the indudstry they will not ask where you went to school! only how good
you porfolio is!best school in the world is YOUTUBE!!!:) (Smile) 

as far as what i want to get into...right now its illustration and concept art and perhaps childrens books some day
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I totally get you-I've been reading so many internet articles on about art school and it's place in the modern art world-however my parents insist that I get a degree and there's no way I'm spending another 3/4years studying something that ISN'T art related! I've been wondering, how tough is it for South African artists to get out of SA and follow thier career elsewhere? Because SA's major art studios are advertisement/brand agencies-and I'm not keen on those at all
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ok look I first went into animation but I hated it so much and the school I went to taught me nothing that benefit my art. on top of it the animation industry is not exactly booming right now in south Africa and since pretty much all animation studios need you in house it would be a waist unless you willing to pack up everything and leave the country.

now when it comes to careers in south Africa it depends on what career you wanna follow! if fine art is your thing you can get by if you good! the same goes for illustration and concept art. if you really good most likely you gonna find work.. but you can study a whole lot of things that will benefit your art like industrial design will get you far in concept art

it all depends on what your goal is ? 
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Well I've never enjoyed living in reality-I've been the kid who's stuck in whatever book, anime or game he can find. As a result, I find that I enjoy my art most when communicating a visual message that is fictional or conceptual-I just feel that there's so much more room to exersize my imagination. Graphic design, industrial design and etc, I feel, are too mundane and won't really captivate me enough. Illustration, concept art and eventually working in the entertainment industry is what my goal is. I wanna be apart of those books, animes, games and other forms of entertainment that I enjoy so much :).

I've applied for Game Design (which I'm keen on) and Fine Art as a back-up. I dna how I'm going to get to my goal exactly, but I'm hoping that I've gotten to a good start with these courses :P.
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Such a beautiful place!
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Beautiful work!
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Beautiful. I love the atmosphere of this.
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thank you very much!:) (Smile) 
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