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Who Are You Callin' Ugly?

I've seen Dsungaripterus being called 'ugly' far too many times!

[edit] Just so you know I've changed the lighting a bit and increased the 'sideburns'.

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I would not say ugly. For each species of every living thing is beautiful in its own right.

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Is that based off of a great-crested grebe?
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This is my favorite representation of Dsungaripterus of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This sexy beast is definitely one of my favorite pterosaurs.
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I like how this dsungaripterus's facial color scheme is designed like a whistling duck, crested duck, and/or gannet. It's a cool way to represent the fact about pterosaurs being distant cousins of dinosaurs and birds alike.
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wait... who called dsangaripterus 'ugly'
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my personal favorite pterosaur
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He looks like he's snarling at us!
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He has a bit of a sneer XD
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XD I dunno, duckface. Dun look at me.

But seriously though, I love Dsungaripterus. He looks cool. X3
I'm glad someone else believes in the beauty of Dsungaripterus :D
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I like Dsungarpiterus. It's such a weird critter. It's my favorite non-stock pterosaur!
Oh my lord, it looks so beautifully real! 
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Have you ever thought about maybe publishing a book with your artwork in it? I would definitely buy it.
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The eye is awesome and really nice colouring.
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Ugly... This pterosaur is beautiful! Great Job!
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