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Washed Ashore (Remake)

I decided to remake this old piece of mine, just as I did with Diplodocus Parade. It was done more than one year ago, and I liked it very much, so I couldn't help but shed a more modern light on it. The use of 3D models really helped me out here, since I built the scene on Blender first to understand how and where the shadows would be cast. I'm pretty happy with it.

To recapitulate, the scene depicts a Nyctosaurus gracilis approaching the semi-buried carcass of a baby Tylosaurus proriger. Please forgive the (many) anatomical mistakes. Also, I don't know if the mosasaur looks baby-ish enough, although I enlarged the head, flippers and eyes in relation to what the proportions should be on an adult.

[edit] Ajusted the jaw muscles. Thanks ~marcoornithodira
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Looks so lifelike!
Well done!
IsaiahColon01's avatar
The storm provides....
N3thruH's avatar
bro u take paleoart to the next level! this is sick 
Terizinosaurus's avatar
IT IS VERY FANTASTIC!!!Oops! :) (Smile) 
grisador's avatar
Awesome Art you made !  Wow! 

Seems like Some mosasaur really has an unlucky Day ! :D
Traheripteryx's avatar
It looks amazing! :D
koganeii's avatar
How do I know this is not actually a photo? Omg
deadcal's avatar
I like it. But what is the right angled thing attached to the Nyctosaurus?
Cypselurus's avatar
That's it's crest...some pterosaurs, and Nyctosaurus was no exception, had very odd crests :D
chiipyo's avatar
Obi-Wan-Kenobi28's avatar
Norries I am not mad xD these smillies are different to what I amused to using xD
Obi-Wan-Kenobi28's avatar
Ouchies :X :O That looks painful, nice art but as a Tylo, ouchies :X
AlphaWoof's avatar
i really like the pattern as well as the colors of the mosasaur skin :faint:
i can almost touch it D: *pokes it and runs away*
It's dead anyways.
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Nice job on the Tylosaurus. Large marine predators are generally the same color scheme, light underbelly and dark back, so its hard to get creative with them, but it looks like you did nicely.
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That's true. Although for mosasaurs specifically, I often like to use more "lizardy" patterns, since they were pretty much marine lizards anyway. I decided for this rather cetacean-like color scheme to keep it similar to the original piece, though.
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You improved alot since that! Congratulations!
Julio-Lacerda's avatar
Silenced-Dreams's avatar
Yay, tylosaurus... even if it is sort of dead.

poor babby, but nyctosaurus gets a dinner out of it.
Julio-Lacerda's avatar
Yes, kind of sad isn't it?
But oh well, so is nature.
Silenced-Dreams's avatar
Nature isn't sad, it's just very to the point, ahah.
Kazuma27's avatar
But, just to ask, what's up with all these dead mosasaurs lately on DA?
First Hodari, then Atrox and now you... What poor mosas have done to get this backlash? :D
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