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The Hippoposaurus

Lurdusaurus, the semi-aquatic african iguanodontian, perhaps very similar in habits to modern-day hippopotamus.

It hasn't been very widely illustrated, AFAIK. So here's my contribution :)

Based on the - I think - only skeletal reconstruction of this animal avaiable, by Pete Buchholz.
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For a moment, I thought those fish were a larger creature, a opportunistic mosasaur if that is an inland sea as I think
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I love the way you illustrated the play of light across the sandy bottom and the slight clouds of silt kicked up by the creature's footsteps.
EuropaTheHaunter's avatar
It looks more like a o sauropod to me.
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IT'S GLORIA! IT'S GLORIA! Hey it is Gloria.
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IT'S GLORIA! IT'S GLORIA! Hey it really is Gloria.
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it looks it has short hindlegs, was it more "quadrupedal" than other iguanodontids?
Julio-Lacerda's avatar
I guess so, it probably relied more on a quadrupedal stance to support it's weight, and I bet it wasn't a very good runner.
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Hmmm. That's what I thought =)
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I dispute this, because Lurdusaurus had padded hindfeet like a rhino or elephant, while a hippo has spreading, un-padded feet.
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I don't think it's impossible. Lurdusaurus had hippo-like body shape.
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Nice. Well that's the "dinosaurs never swam in the water, flew in the sky or burrowed underground" statement proved wrong in at least one way. That digging Hypsilophodonitd also makes this statememt untrue more. I never believed it anyway. Good work, i like it.
Wrong in all three ways (Dinos flew, swam and burrowed)
Julio-Lacerda's avatar
Yeah, that idea is definetely not true. I always thought burrowing dinosaurs were a very likely possibility, not to mention the thousands of birds flying right in front of our faces. And while I don't think any dinosaur that has been discovered until now had a totally aquatic life, it has been pretty much proved that some, like spinosaurids, had amphibious lifestyles.
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Technically the thumb spike is not a true finger.
Pristichampsus's avatar
yes it is, I always thought it was.
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So, would the be sort of like the spurs of a monotreme?
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