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The Great Dying

A melanistic Inostrancevia travels along the increasingly arid Permian Russia when his journey is suddenly interrupted by a cloud of dust and sulfur raised by an earthquake. Disoriented, the predator tries to flee; but there is no safe place to go now. He finally sees a flash of light in the horizon, followed by a thundering sound that shakes the earth once again. This would be one of many volcanic eruptions to take place in the Siberian Traps, signaling that the reign of the gorgonopsids is near the end.


I promised you guys some Permian fauna, didn't I? Here's my interpretation of Inostrancevia alexandri, the biggest gorgonopsid found to date. I took into consideration the opinion of those who commented on my last journal entry regarding external ears, and opted for a very subtle, reptilian earhole.
The general colouration was inspired by tasmanian devils and black panthers; I'm afraid it ended up looking too mammalian.. well, that's what you get for bringing me out of my comfort zone! :D
Also, sorry for the lame little story up there. I think I've been reading too much epic literature *coughgameofthronescough*

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Hello ! I really like your work and interested in buying a poster of this particular image.  Where could I do so ? Thank you in advance for your response ! Cheers !
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I love these guys and you did a real good job! He looks like an actual animal well done! :)
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BTW, you are my favorite paleoartist!
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Talking to a real paleoartist, my favorite paleoartist at that, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It almost looks cute, almost. He's more awesome that cute though!
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:) (Smile) A very intimidating choice for fur color. Don't blame yourself for making it too mammalian though. You tried to make it look as good as possible. I think lots of people who studied paleontology and made art that revolves around it speculated nearly all species of therapsids to have fur just like modern day mammals. At least the ear hole seems proof enough that it still looks reptilian (in order to stay as primitive as possible).
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And when you think about it hair is modified scales after all
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You caught it.  Best looking Permian animal that I've seen yet.
The story is good too.  One can imagine armies of bewildered beasts attempting to migrate away from danger.
This specimen, depicted, is smart enough to know that something is very wrong.  But is he smart enough to figure out hoe to survive?
Best, Jim
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This is my favorite Gorgonopsid to date.
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Yeah! i like it, that you decided to make reptilian like eahrholes :) Look at the modern Monotremata, the eg-bearing mammals of today. They have no external ears, too :) I guess external ears should an "invention" of the marsupialia and placentalia ...

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Unless it was just lost for burrowing and swimming.
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Or perhaps multies?
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oops :D at first sight i though it was a creodont
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"Here's my interpretation of Inostrancevia alexandri, the biggest gorgonopsid found to date"- isnt Leogorgon supposed to be bigger? The animal is very porly known and few have heard of it but it is thought to have reached a length of up to 6 metres , just thought I´d tell you
great pic nevertheless :)
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Inostrancevia latifrons is currently the largest known gorgonopsid. Leogorgon was probably next after it. :)
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Yay! I really like protomammals and it's great to see one in your gallery!
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One of the first apex predators, a mammal-like reptile. This is badass sir.
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This looks really fantastic, I love the little story you wrote to go along with this piece. I like how he has some faint scars along his snout, showing that he's seen some battles. The dust cloud background makes this seem very apocalyptic and devastating...showing the Gorgonopsid in his last few moments of life. I think it's beautiful and adds emotion to it.
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I find your gorgonopsian the closest to what it might look like. Congratulations!
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My absolute favorite group of extinct Theraspids.
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I like the little story... it depicts with words the background we can't see.
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