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Royal Wedding

It seems the Arctic Prince has found his princess.

Inspiration comes from this beautiful picture of Japanese Cranes, from photographer Dennis Binda.

*Note that both male and female possess colorful snouts and 'crests', as proposed by the new paper on mutual sexual selection in dinosaurs and pterosaurs (at least in some species).
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they look like baby nanuqsaurus lol

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This is (In my opinion) the greatest piece of art EVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't Know but this is So, so, so, so, so so outstanding.
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There's something about this piece... I just love it so much! I can't describe it, it's like i'm looking at a still from documentary where real dinosaurs were filmed. Ok that makes no sense, i'm done trying to describe it, it's just so AMAZING!
Celestial-Rainstorm's avatar
I cannot fathom the grace and beauty in this piece. The Gorgosaurus and his mate on a winter Simply wow.
TiarnanDominusAdonai's avatar
Lovely and elegant, but still altogether sleek and deadly. Well done.

- Take Care, Beannacht De Duit
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yes, i read the comment, and in fact in the back of my mind i felt reminded of those beautiful cranes dancing...

thank you for making these look so graceful, bravo... :D

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I'd be interested in seeing that paper. You know where I can find it?
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You can read more about it here: [link]
Madame-Finitevus1890's avatar
Oh, how lovely! The posing and BG are so serene! :love:
Mesozoic0906's avatar
Gorgeous. Simply Gorgeous.
Estevam-Bernardis's avatar
NOSSA muito bonita a cena,ficou incrivel
vc usa algun tablet para fazer seus desenhos .....
Julio-Lacerda's avatar
Muito obrigado!
Não uso tablet, apenas o mouse :)
Estevam-Bernardis's avatar
serio nem parece
vc deve ter um mao muito boa .....
Gorgosaurus's avatar
Despite reservations about the environmental temperatures implied, I do like the way you´ve portrayed these animals.
Julio-Lacerda's avatar
Thank you. I know the environment depicted is highly speculative, I just love to combine dinosaurs and snow.
Evenape's avatar
Such elegance

Those who didn't know the dinosaur world wouldn't really expects such gracefulness and elegance from a tyrannosaur, no?
Julio-Lacerda's avatar
Indeed. Having birds as close relatives, I wouldn't be surprise to see that beauty and elegance were abundant in the mezosoic.
Evenape's avatar
That point is also shown by your newer piece on Buitreraptor :D
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