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Damn, I was gonna get the perfect shot!

*Comes back inside the heavy mist of unforgiving work and utter lack of inspiration*
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I never knew Austro could be so beautiful...

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Indiana Jones Emoticon It belongs in a museum!
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He's all "C'mon in! The water's fine!"
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You'll have to tell us all where this photo was taken. I'm sure others would like to go see live dinosaurs too. Stop keeping them all to yourself!
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This is absolutely beautiful, the dinosaurs look so realistic, and the background is gorgeous. :D Some sort of Troodontid?
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Austroraptor is currently thought to be an unenlagiine dromaeosaurid (and one of the biggest dromaeosaurs along with Utahraptor and Achillobator). The known material is quite scarce, but with the help of other, more complete taxa (e. g. Buitreraptor) its status as a dromaeosaur seems pretty settled (at least for now). 
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Could you please enable the download button?
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I think the cloaca should be higher up on the rump.
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I wouldn't have figure it in white ever!
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Why do you have downloads disabled? :? Please enable downloads!
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And i know that feeling bro... How many times i tried to get a perfect shot with a bunch of quacking geese, how many times! ;)
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Oh wow, beautiful.
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I missed you. Gorgeous job as always!
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Really nice and good realized idea!
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Perfect! I love it!
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Julio! welcome back!
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Wow, amazing work! I haven't seen anything from you in a while.
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Ah, this is perfect!

Wonderful work as, usual. I love the simplicity and the delicacy of the yellow on the throat and breast.
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This is gorgeous!
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