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Guidraco venator, the Malicious Ghost-Dragon, because long time no pterosaur.
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I love how your depictions of prehistoric animals make their subjects look and feel like real animals than monsters.
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Why isn't this in a kids film, as a villain o a misunderstood protagonist?
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a memeber of Thunderclap's flock in the Good Dinosaur
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Those "Pterosaur" characters *shudders* were absolutely hideous! They don't look like real Pterosaurs at all, more like outdated and ugly caricatures of Pterosaurs!
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They were fine. Just wish that they did more research on Nyctosaurus. Also, a missed opportunity to include Azhdarchids as villains
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IT IS FANTASTIC!!!;) (Wink) 
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My favorite pterosaur!Look at him!So cute!
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This is fantastic! Great colors on the pterosaur.
I love how you made it look like a real animal! :)
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excellent portrait
Regards Jacek
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When I kill every paleoartist better than me so that I'm the best, you're my first target. :P
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The teeth are just out of this world
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You're very welcome! :)
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You have a great future as a paleo-artist ahead of you! If I ever get my degree and describe a new dinosaur you will be the first person I commission to illustrate it!!
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Thanks, and I will be very happy to do that! :)
Hi Julio,
I have send you a mail on your adress
I need to contact you
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't was about time you paint one! :D
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Pterosaur time ! This one is particularly funny and bizarre. You're portrait is on par with John Conway's. And thumbs up for the costal environnement ! :D
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