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Itchy Morning

Hope the scene is not too crowded.

Those are meant to be Stygimolochs (Pachycephalosaurus?).
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Front Pachy looks like the one in Dinosaur King.
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You're great at capturing mood, as if always stumbling upon these scenes while out walking. The maple-ish leaf is a nice touch.
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Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you think so :)
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Looks like he/she's got a headache.
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It's hard to find any images of "Stygimoloch" nowadays. What with it being grouped as a juvenile Pachycephalosaurus. Man, it's so badass. It's nice to see a good image of ol' "S. spinifer".
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nice atmosphere.

The anthropomorphism in this piece remind me of some of the more recent "dinosaur documentaries/drama". It looks to me that the Stygimolochs (Pachycephalosaurus?) bumped its head into the tree in the dark (well, a dim sunlight from the distance as the sun rises) and caused the leaves to fall off the tree. Was this intentional or perhaps I've misinterpreted?
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Thank you. Well, that was actually not intentional but I really liked that interpretation. It adds more behavioural action to the scene :)
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If I had seen this 10 years ago...I'd be able to tell you everything about them I was a dino freak back then :(
nice work :D
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thanks! Who wasn't a dino fan as a child? I just didn't gave up :P
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Really nice. Has a very tranquil feel to it.
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It's simply beautiful, very romantic...
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Nope, not crowded at all...this addictive!
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wow, addictive? haha thanks! :)
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Haha, don't mention it!
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Amazing scene! So simple, yet so realistic atmosphere! :thumbsup:
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