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Feeding off a Mirror

If that folded wing looks too messy, is because pterosaur anatomy can be quite confusing :?

A little thought experiment here:
Many people (including myself) like to dress Pterodaustro in flamingo costume - that is, pink all around - as a testament to the similar filter-feeding lifestyle this pterosaur probably had. But when searching for inspiration to do this piece I realized how unlikely that actually is: may the experts correct me if I'm wrong, but by all means pycnofibers worked just like fur when it comes to colouration so it might not have been physically possible to have green, blue or pink "fur" in pterosaurs. In the case of flamingos especifically, the pink colour comes from carotenoids, which can be incorporated by feathers but not by mammalian fur, so I'd guess pterosaur pycnofibers would work the same.
Therefore, this Pterodaustro is inspired by white Ibises instead of flamingos :D

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"Pycnofibers worked just like fur" or did they?
Pink is an unlikely color, or is it?…
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I always thought Pterodaustro kind of got the short end of the stick on physical appearance. xD
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do you use photoshop??
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On an interesting note: flamingos actually have a gland that secretes an oil to keep their plumage from getting wet, but also contains carotenoids to colour their feathers even more vibrantly.
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One of the strangest pteros!
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Estudos nos aneís oculares mostram que o Pterodaustro era nocturno...
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Eu sei, mas à noite eu não conseguiria atingir essa composição do reflexo no lago.. Licença artística :)
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wow i love the colours nice job :D
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Awesome! Had my white ibis phases with unenlagiines so far, so I can certainly relate to non-pink ctenochasmatids :)
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Thanks! Ibises are good substitutes for flamingoes in this case because although mostly white, they still have those vibrant faces :D
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That's quite new, nice mirror effect
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Yes, it;s very beautiful in its simplicity
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but...but...I love pink pterodaustros :iconsadplz:
anyway, this is gorgeous
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lol too bad! :XD:
And many thanks!
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Excellent as always, I like how detailed are the lower comb-like teeth, but where the upper teeth of Pterodaurstro? :)
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Oh, I forgot about the upper teeth! Buy weren't they very small? I don't see them in most reconstructions, I thought they'd be barely visible :O
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Yes, very small indeed: [link]
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It's a very pretty and calm piece!
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