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Edmontosaurus regalis

This is a collaboration with ~RobbieSKatz; the original drawing can be seen at his gallery. Credit goes to him for the idea, the pose and the choice of colors and pattern.
This was done as a contribution to The Paleo Handbook, a very cool project for a prehistoric field guide. If you are interested in extinct critters, go check it out!

This guy gave me trouble, including Photoshop crashing on me. Again, i'm not very proud of some areas like the feet (I should probably sketch some misc. dinosaur feet just so I can get the hand of it) but overall I enjoyed the end result, specially how the greens look so swampy-ish.
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Adoro esses dinossauros de duas cores, principalmente se for cores assim *.*
Bela anatomia :)
Julio-Lacerda's avatar
Obrigado! Eu também prefiro cores poucas, mas contrastantes :)
Iguana-Teteia's avatar
Elas de alguma forma, ficam mais impactantes ;D
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It turned out amazing, Karkajou! I love the coloration you gave to the head. Awesome, awesome job, and I can't wait to see the next piece!
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Beautiful - you are one of the most sublimely talented palaeoartists out there...
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Oh wow, that's a big compliment. I'm really glad it comes from another sublimely talented artist who inspired me in the first place :)
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Suas reconstruções são bastante realistas, tanto no físico do animal quanto na técnica artística, muito bom!
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Skull-Island-Master's avatar
looks nice, good camoflagued and looks natural. And the blue head still makes it look exotic.
Julio-Lacerda's avatar
Thank you. The idea was to make it blend in the swamplands that were its habitat, but at the same time not to make it too dull.
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Very nice, indeed!
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