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Courtship behaviour in Geosternbergia sternbergi (formerly Pteranodon sternbergi).

~After the picture was taken, the male politely asked me to get the hell out of his territorry~

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When your crush replies to your text after 4 months
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I absolutely adore this picture, it looks so much like a photo
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This is absolutely beautiful. Stunning! Gorgeous! I can't think of enough words to describe it... Marvelous... Crisp... Perfection!
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That moment when the same creature gets named after you twice.
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ugh tehy dont hav teeeth innacuratte
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:iconspinolover2017:, Here's two things I need to tell you: "Go away" and "Ah, shut up!"
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absolutely sunning detail. how long does a drawing like this take?
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Being chased by one of these must be scary XD
Love your art, BTW :)
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It looks real therefore this is now a real animal in my mind.
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It IS a real Animal -_-
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That no one has ever seen alive before
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Technically I've never seen YOU alive before. With this logic I can concur that you aren't real.
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oh my god how did you know
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Ok, in honesty though. When he meant 'real', he meant alive and breathing. You know what he intended.
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Let's just say that I was quite a bit different two years ago. (Less observant, ((a bit stupider)))
At the time I did not know.
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