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Kanda sketch by JulietWayne Kanda sketch :iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 3 2
Roommates II | Modern AU | Levi
Note: I know Levi ,It might  be slightly OOO, every time I reply this scene in my mind, I thought he would be  perfect for the role.
6 months, 14 days, 8 hours and 5 minutes. It took you that long until you were finally shed tears again. 6 months, that's how long you've been living with Levi. Its been 14 days that his been away from a business trip. It took 8 hours for your ex boyfriend to broke you down. It's taking you 5 minutes to calm yourself down, you were pacing around the living room, trying to even out your breathing but your anxiety and panic decided to mess with you. You felt some pain your chest and your tears won't stop falling. You continue to pace around the living room, telling yourself that everything is going to be okay. You took shallow breaths, thinking of happy thoughts but nothing seems to be working.
“I miss you [Name]. Why don't you come back... I know you miss me too” his voice echoed in your head. You closed your eyes, telli
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 11 2
Roommates | Modern AU| Levi |
You loosen up your grip on the steering wheel as you drove away from that horrible place, you finally gather up your courage to move out of your ex-boyfriend's place. You were hoping to find your own place before moving out but you couldn't live another day in that stupid house. Hanji suggested for you to drop by at her office and plan where you will be staying tonight. Mikasa already offered a place for you but you didn't want to bother her and Eren.
“Do you guys mind waiting for a bit? I just need to talk to someone” you asked the movers and they give you a thumbs up. Parking your car at the visitors parking and making your way to Hanji's office. The receptionist smiled at you, letting you know that Hanji is waiting for you. The ride up to the elevator felt long, a part of you is relief that the relationship is over but your heart breaks regardless, maybe it wasn't meant to be after all. The elevator ding, as you snapped out of your thoughts. You took a deep breath, put o
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 20 2
Series of | Levi |
“[Name], it's time. Hanji and Miche are bringing in Eren, we should make our way there as well” Erwin called out to you, snapping out of your thoughts as you look out at the blue sky above you. You gave a small nod to your commander walking right beside him. Today, marks the day of Eren's trial, the titan shifter. Erwin, Hanji and Levi were determined to get Eren to the scouts as humanity's last hope of survival.
“Is it really necessary to do the act in front of everyone?” you asked Erwin remembering the plan that was discuss to you and his trusted comrades. You weren't exactly a squad leader but a well known trainer to the scouts. Making sure, they know how to defend themselves and keeping them in shape so that it will help them during their expeditions. The cadets fear you for your notorious training, it was nothing like they ever trained before but it sure helped out a lot of the cadets to survive. At least, you the ones that survives.
“You know, you ca
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 17 0
Is it all just pretend Final | Bucky Barnes |
“You know I don’t know how to dance right? Especially not swing!” you held on Bucky’s arm a little tighter as you stand by the entrance door of 40’s club that Bucky decided to take you on your date.
“Don’t worry, you’ll have me” he rests his hand on top yours giving a reassuring squeeze, “Plus, you look beautiful” he smiled at you, his eyes scanning your face the whole time. You blushed, looking away from his bright blue eyes and taking a look at your outfit one last time, a simple white blouse, burgundy skirt and matching shoes. Your hair and makeup styled in the 40’s.
You can hear the 40’s swing music blasting inside the building, taking one last deep breath; you nod at Bucky “I’m ready”
“You’re going to love it, I promise” he kisses your temple quickly before heading inside the club.
Bucky didn’t disappoint and kept his promise. You and Bucky were dancing the night
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 11 6
Space [Seven x Reader]
Disclaimer: I do not own Mystic Messenger OR the photo used in this fic.
You stared at Seven for quite something after he told you all the hurtful things that spilled in his mind. Today, you told yourself that you weren't going to cry. That you have to be strong not only for RFA but for Seven as well.
“Don't look at me like that! It's not going to work. Don't you understand what I'm telling you!” you stood your ground, letting Seven pour out his feelings. The conversation with V didn't end up so well and you had asked Seven, if he was doing okay. Yes, it was silly to ask such a question but you couldn't help it. To be honest, you didn't know what to say to him and question just escaped your lips. You took a deep breath.
“Fine” you told him, closing your eyes for a moment because you knew from that moment that you are going to cry. Opening your eyes, staring into his golden orbs, you walked away without saying anything else, you knew it was going to make it worst
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 17 5
is it all just pretend II [Bucky Barnes x Reader]
You stared at Bucky’s eyes thinking if you were just dreaming or was it all real. He grabbed your hand and leading you to the bridge where the rest of the team where waiting. You took a sit across Bucky and Steve but you just sat there like a statue, your brain is still trying to process everything.
“What happened to [Name]?” Steve whispered to his best friend. Bucky frowned, his eyes on you the entire time.
Natasha sat beside you, nudging you arm “Did Barnes broke you or—“ she teased but you huffed in response. Natasha knew you have this crush on Bucky but you didn’t really expect him to kiss you. Especially at work, out of all the places he can do it, he did it at work, in front of Natasha.
“Whatever Nat” you rolled your eyes at her, pivoting your seat the other way it’s just better to focus on the briefing and the mission.
The mission was flawless regardless of the ordeal from earlier, Steve and Bucky back up as usually giv
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 15 3
Ever Since New York II [Steve Rogers x Reader]
The rest of the ride to the helicarrier was quiet; you had read all the information that you needed for this mission. Phil sat across from you and Steve taking a quick shuteye before landing. You felt bad how much he lost sleep since Clint and tesseract went missing. Besides a sleepy Phil, you noticed Steve fidgeting with a piece of string hanging at his jacket sleeve.
Softly nudging his shoulder, “Are you alright?” you asked; he had been quiet after the briefing with Phil. You wonder what could be going through his mind.
The small nudge seemed to snapped him out of his thoughts, “I—“
“Hey, you don’t have to tell me. I’m just checking if you’re okay” giving him half smile, you might be partners but when it comes to Steve opening up to you, he takes same time to tell you what’s on his mind. You don’t blame him; you would feel the same way, his feeling, waking up into something like this. It almost felt like you were
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 16 17
is it all just pretend? I [Bucky Barnes x Reader]
You always considered yourself as one of the guys, at least that’s what Sam classify you as one of them. You, Bucky and Steve were called the power trio in the team, the fact that you have possessed super human strength, you and the guys are partially a powerhouse but you didn’t mind, you love hanging out with Bucky and Steve—they’re your best friends, you can be weird and be yourself around them and they still accept you for who you are.
It’s Friday evening and usually Friday evenings are movie night with the boys but ever since Bucky and Catherine had gotten together, sometimes it doesn’t happen anymore.  Since they went on a mission together, something just clicked, at least that's how Bucky explained it to you and Steve; you’re happy for your best friend, he deserved the happiness that comes his way.
You used have to this big crush on Bucky, you thought that how strong and admirable he is, protective the ones he loved with all his migh
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 30 13
I'm sorry [Connor x Reader]
You hadn’t had a good sleep for days, since you and Connor had been working long shifts it’s hard to find sometime with which each other. You thought it would be easy to work on the same precinct but you spoke too soon.
“We need to talk about this [Name]” Connor cornered you at the break room while you were getting your coffee. You’re unsure what to say to Connor, it weren’t sure if it’s going to make anything better or just worst. Since, Captain Fowler had hired a new detective and assigned you as a new partner, you hadn’t find anytime to spend sometime with Connor. The both of you had been busy with cases and paperwork, it’s working into Connor’s system that he hasn’t able to touch you, kiss you and even talk to you.
“Connor, we live in the same roof. We have this rule remember? That we keep out personal lives out of work” Connor frowned at your response, that wasn’t the answer that he was hoping to g
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 42 5
Your voice [Tom Hiddleston x Reader]
Tom doesn’t feel like himself lately, he had been in this stump for quite sometime and his not sure what to do. He had tried everything in his power to reset and relax but nothing seemed to be working. Could it be because his friend around him found someone and he hasn’t? He shook his head, that’s silly—work had been busy and love will find it’s way to him. He sighed taking a sip of his evening tea, enjoying the evening summer breeze until he heard someone playing the ukulele, it was soft melody like the wind carrying it’s notes to him.
It was his neighbor, the apartment next to his—he couldn’t really see his neighbor since the porch has wall separating them but he can still hear the strums of the ukulele.
Hold me close and hold me fast
This magic spell you cast

Tom held his breath as he heard you sing La vie en rose
This is la vie en rose
When you kiss me, heaven sighs
And though I close my eyes
I see la vie en rose
When you p
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 10 5
Always Have [Thor x Reader]
Note to readers:  Scene after IW.  
‘You should have aim for the head’ Thanos snapped his finger.
You were unsure what Thanos did but he escaped with the snapped of his finger. You look beside you as you saw Bucky slowly disappear his body turning into ashes. You weren’t sure who else were affected with Thanos’s deed.
‘[Name]?’ you turn your head towards your brother seeing him slowly turn to ash as well, just like what happened to Bucky. You run towards him catching him in time.
‘Atreus, no, please. Don’t go’ tears start to pool in your [eye color] orbs.
‘I love you sis’ Atreus gave you one final smile as he disappears in your arms. You’re heart ache for your brother, it felt like the old wound from your father’s death wasn’t fully healed and had been reopened seeing your brother disappear in your arms. You weren’t sure long how you have been staring your hands where Atreus once were un
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 18 19
Ever Since New York [Steve Rogers x Reader]
‘Tell me something I don’t already know’
Steve woke up thinking that if he ever made it heaven or if it even exists, at least he would like to think so. Perhaps, he would be stuck in endless darkness of space hearing his thoughts and only his thoughts. Slowly opening his eyes, he was expecting the bright white ceiling, white walls and the steady beeping of his heart beat instead, he’s staring at a gray ceiling with no heart monitor attached to him. Waiting for few minutes for his eyes to settle from the natural lighting of the room. Moving his fingers first then his arms then down to toes, he felt alive and warm maybe being dead is not as bad as he thought it would be. Slowly sitting up from his bed, he certainly didn’t expect someone would be waiting for him.
There beside his bedside, he saw you sleeping soundly with a gray blanket resting on your lap. You were snuggled up into one of those big chairs with enough space for you to sleep on. Some of your ha
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 32 9
Falling in love [Tom Hiddleston x Reader]
You always thought that every girl had hundreds of ideas and plans about their ideal wedding. The color, the theme, the song for the first dance, the perfect wedding dress. But you always thought something different, every time you think about weddings- all you can think about is how you walk down the aisle and the look on his face, that moment when he sees you walk down the aisle - that everything around you disappear, but it’s just you and him. The way he look into your eyes as you and him take do your first dance, the kiss as husband and wife.
But that’s the always something about weddings that seems to make you fall in love with everything around you. Heads over the clouds, the wedding goggles perhaps or the could be the wine or champagne or maybe, it’s just the magic of wedding and you love it.
You’re Tom’s date in Benedict’s wedding. You were sitting first row before the altar. There stood Benedict’s best man, Tom. You smiled at him softl
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 13 5
Technicolor Beat [Connor x android!reader]
The first time you ever laid your eyes on Connor was the time that he visited Elijah during his deviant investigation, along with his partner Hank Anderson. For a brief second, your [eye color] orbs locked with his rich brown eyes- he had a war inside him, a war that he doesn’t yet seem to understand. You broke the moment with Connor turning your attention to Elijah.
“You call me for me Elijah?” you ask smiling softly at him. Connor and Hank looked at you with confusion etched in their faces. Elijah Kamski, the creator of RK200, RT600 and now, RT700- which is you.
“Beautiful isn’t she? Of course along with the Chloe” Elijah smiled proudly at you and Chloe, who stood beside you, “RT700. I named her [Name], is the newest RT series. She’s one of the kind, she’s the only RT700 at the moment.” You noticed Connor’s eyes flickered with something that you didn’t quite understand; you didn’t know what it was but somet
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 49 8
Don't ever leave [Tony Stark x Reader]
Good guys aren’t supposed to fall in love with bad guys like you but you classified yourself more as a vigilante. Tony Stark knew you during the attack of New York but he asked of you during their mission in Slovikia trying to stop Ultron from destroying the earth and the avengers. Saving people had always been your mission but you don’t work under any group or government. Tony had begged and pleaded that he needed your help saving civilians but nonetheless, you agreed; only in one condition, that this is the only time they would see each other again. During the mission, Tony got himself into serious injury. One of Ultron’s robots managed to stab him in the abdomen, kicking Tony to the ground. The robot was about to strike again when you quickly run to his aid, disabling the robot. You kneel beside him as your hand glow yellow, healing his wound.
Tony took a sharp breath as he felt your cool hands in his abdomen, “Hey sweetheart,” You shook your head, tryi
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 22 0


[CM] FOR Julietwayne by xiaoblanc [CM] FOR Julietwayne :iconxiaoblanc:xiaoblanc 104 4
WAITING LIST IS CLOSED FOR NOW! I need to get all those waiting a code
If you need a code, I have a few available!
Please make sure to USE them though, that's all I ask!
It's confusing when I give one and it sits unused.
None, more coming soon!
They are entirely FREE.
If you want to doodle me something as a thank you though,
I'd love something of any of these babes;
But you don't need to give me anything!
Just realized I have tons and I know people would like them!
:iconiamirrora:iAmirrora 54 555
Commission 16 by orb01 Commission 16 :iconorb01:orb01 21 1 [Extra art] BW Halfbody by orb01 [Extra art] BW Halfbody :iconorb01:orb01 14 0 [Commission] Warm drinks by tshuki [Commission] Warm drinks :icontshuki:tshuki 62 3
semi chibi commission
hello! i'm opening few more slot here and on Instagram!

more sample
notice: detail counted as very complex design / extra decoration, pets, etc
price is each character . payment via paypal

3 slot open atm, comment or note me to claim!
work list:
:iconhiimtae:hiimtae 3 6
. : . : : MorE KiSSeS : : . : . by bedbugmochi . : . : : MorE KiSSeS : : . : . :iconbedbugmochi:bedbugmochi 70 2 190512 by sarw543 190512 :iconsarw543:sarw543 17 0 (Onhold) Custom #real-life theme by mimojiX (Onhold) Custom #real-life theme :iconmimojix:mimojiX 23 19 . : . : : KiSS : : . : . by bedbugmochi . : . : : KiSS : : . : . :iconbedbugmochi:bedbugmochi 117 8
Just made it and set my icon and that's it. Idk how to use it yet lol
Please connect my work/design/outfit design if you guys have extra time!
:iconbedbugmochi:bedbugmochi 5 3
[OPEN] Thigh up COMMISSION2019

[F2U] Pocato Smore! 
Hello! OPEN commission [update : 9MAY2019!]
Your OC Might be colored in my style. 
(Colors are still the same but I would adapt it to be more appropriate with my coloring style.)
if you would like me to color accordly to the original style,please tell me
I DO. 
- Human 
- Humanoids , anthros 
- Fanart
- Additional Props (Extra Charges 5-20$) 
- Add Human : (Extra Charges 50-70$) 
- Add animal or closed species : (Extra Charges 20-40$)
- R18 
- Guro 
- My Closed Species (Wynless,Marberlus,Ziyana , but your AB them, you can additional commission.

Type your choose

- Thigh up with BG | price : 150$

maybe i draw thigh up ~ full body,i'll choose for one to perfect artwork.

:iconxiaoblanc:xiaoblanc 16 5
:: Commission 468 / for julietwayne :: by bedbugmochi :: Commission 468 / for julietwayne :: :iconbedbugmochi:bedbugmochi 107 2
Pre-Game Rituals - Kuroo Tetsurou X Reader

N3: Nekoma High #1 Kuroo Tetsurō
“Kuroo-kun” you whispered, while stroking his outrageous bed-head.
He groaned as you giggled in response.
“Kuroo-kun. You need to wake up, or you’re going to be late.”
This time he tightened his grip around your waist.
You laughed out loud, ruffling his hair.
“(y/n)’re making it worse,” he said, lifting up his head to look at you.
You smiled down at his sleepy figure.
“I told you, you’re going to be late.”
He frowned at the thought of leaving you, only to smile as you ran your fingers through his hair again.
“Come on Kuroo. This is a pretty important game right?”
He chuckled, sitting up to rub the sleep out of his eyes.
“Oya oya. Is my little kitten worried?”
You blushed, looking sideways to avoid his gaze. He laughed and moved towards you, gripping your chin and turning your gaze back to him.
You blushed even
:iconcoffeelurvr:coffeelurvr 43 8
Star! The details for my commissions are as follows:
If you're interested in commissioning me, don't hesitate to pass me a note ! But before that, make sure to read my commission rules to avoid any future conflicts about your commission, thanks !   
Since full bound in journal 1 so I set up journal 2 * 

RULE and form :

Commission of the customer:
:iconkanomatsu:Kanomatsu 147 449
Fixer ych open by Misash Fixer ych open :iconmisash:Misash 39 26



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Is it possible that your over flowing with so much inspiration that it starts to make you nervous ?


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