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is it all just pretend II [Bucky Barnes x Reader]
You stared at Bucky’s eyes thinking if you were just dreaming or was it all real. He grabbed your hand and leading you to the bridge where the rest of the team where waiting. You took a sit across Bucky and Steve but you just sat there like a statue, your brain is still trying to process everything.
“What happened to [Name]?” Steve whispered to his best friend. Bucky frowned, his eyes on you the entire time.
Natasha sat beside you, nudging you arm “Did Barnes broke you or—“ she teased but you huffed in response. Natasha knew you have this crush on Bucky but you didn’t really expect him to kiss you. Especially at work, out of all the places he can do it, he did it at work, in front of Natasha.
“Whatever Nat” you rolled your eyes at her, pivoting your seat the other way it’s just better to focus on the briefing and the mission.
The mission was flawless regardless of the ordeal from earlier, Steve and Bucky back up as usually giv
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 9 1
Ever Since New York II [Steve Rogers x Reader]
The rest of the ride to the helicarrier was quiet; you had read all the information that you needed for this mission. Phil sat across from you and Steve taking a quick shuteye before landing. You felt bad how much he lost sleep since Clint and tesseract went missing. Besides a sleepy Phil, you noticed Steve fidgeting with a piece of string hanging at his jacket sleeve.
Softly nudging his shoulder, “Are you alright?” you asked; he had been quiet after the briefing with Phil. You wonder what could be going through his mind.
The small nudge seemed to snapped him out of his thoughts, “I—“
“Hey, you don’t have to tell me. I’m just checking if you’re okay” giving him half smile, you might be partners but when it comes to Steve opening up to you, he takes same time to tell you what’s on his mind. You don’t blame him; you would feel the same way, his feeling, waking up into something like this. It almost felt like you were
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 15 9
is it all just pretend? I [Bucky Barnes x Reader]
You always considered yourself as one of the guys, at least that’s what Sam classify you as one of them. You, Bucky and Steve were called the power trio in the team, the fact that you have possessed super human strength, you and the guys are partially a powerhouse but you didn’t mind, you love hanging out with Bucky and Steve—they’re your best friends, you can be weird and be yourself around them and they still accept you for who you are.
It’s Friday evening and usually Friday evenings are movie night with the boys but ever since Bucky and Catherine had gotten together, sometimes it doesn’t happen anymore.  Since they went on a mission together, something just clicked, at least that's how Bucky explained it to you and Steve; you’re happy for your best friend, he deserved the happiness that comes his way.
You used have to this big crush on Bucky, you thought that how strong and admirable he is, protective the ones he loved with all his migh
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 23 13
I'm sorry [Connor x Reader]
You hadn’t had a good sleep for days, since you and Connor had been working long shifts it’s hard to find sometime with which each other. You thought it would be easy to work on the same precinct but you spoke too soon.
“We need to talk about this [Name]” Connor cornered you at the break room while you were getting your coffee. You’re unsure what to say to Connor, it weren’t sure if it’s going to make anything better or just worst. Since, Captain Fowler had hired a new detective and assigned you as a new partner, you hadn’t find anytime to spend sometime with Connor. The both of you had been busy with cases and paperwork, it’s working into Connor’s system that he hasn’t able to touch you, kiss you and even talk to you.
“Connor, we live in the same roof. We have this rule remember? That we keep out personal lives out of work” Connor frowned at your response, that wasn’t the answer that he was hoping to g
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 29 5
Your voice [Tom Hiddleston x Reader]
Tom doesn’t feel like himself lately, he had been in this stump for quite sometime and his not sure what to do. He had tried everything in his power to reset and relax but nothing seemed to be working. Could it be because his friend around him found someone and he hasn’t? He shook his head, that’s silly—work had been busy and love will find it’s way to him. He sighed taking a sip of his evening tea, enjoying the evening summer breeze until he heard someone playing the ukulele, it was soft melody like the wind carrying it’s notes to him.
It was his neighbor, the apartment next to his—he couldn’t really see his neighbor since the porch has wall separating them but he can still hear the strums of the ukulele.
Hold me close and hold me fast
This magic spell you cast

Tom held his breath as he heard you sing La vie en rose
This is la vie en rose
When you kiss me, heaven sighs
And though I close my eyes
I see la vie en rose
When you p
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 8 5
Always Have [Thor x Reader]
Note to readers:  Scene after IW.  
‘You should have aim for the head’ Thanos snapped his finger.
You were unsure what Thanos did but he escaped with the snapped of his finger. You look beside you as you saw Bucky slowly disappear his body turning into ashes. You weren’t sure who else were affected with Thanos’s deed.
‘[Name]?’ you turn your head towards your brother seeing him slowly turn to ash as well, just like what happened to Bucky. You run towards him catching him in time.
‘Atreus, no, please. Don’t go’ tears start to pool in your [eye color] orbs.
‘I love you sis’ Atreus gave you one final smile as he disappears in your arms. You’re heart ache for your brother, it felt like the old wound from your father’s death wasn’t fully healed and had been reopened seeing your brother disappear in your arms. You weren’t sure long how you have been staring your hands where Atreus once were un
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 15 19
Ever Since New York [Steve Rogers x Reader]
‘Tell me something I don’t already know’
Steve woke up thinking that if he ever made it heaven or if it even exists, at least he would like to think so. Perhaps, he would be stuck in endless darkness of space hearing his thoughts and only his thoughts. Slowly opening his eyes, he was expecting the bright white ceiling, white walls and the steady beeping of his heart beat instead, he’s staring at a gray ceiling with no heart monitor attached to him. Waiting for few minutes for his eyes to settle from the natural lighting of the room. Moving his fingers first then his arms then down to toes, he felt alive and warm maybe being dead is not as bad as he thought it would be. Slowly sitting up from his bed, he certainly didn’t expect someone would be waiting for him.
There beside his bedside, he saw you sleeping soundly with a gray blanket resting on your lap. You were snuggled up into one of those big chairs with enough space for you to sleep on. Some of your ha
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 28 9
Falling in love [Tom Hiddleston x Reader]
You always thought that every girl had hundreds of ideas and plans about their ideal wedding. The color, the theme, the song for the first dance, the perfect wedding dress. But you always thought something different, every time you think about weddings- all you can think about is how you walk down the aisle and the look on his face, that moment when he sees you walk down the aisle - that everything around you disappear, but it’s just you and him. The way he look into your eyes as you and him take do your first dance, the kiss as husband and wife.
But that’s the always something about weddings that seems to make you fall in love with everything around you. Heads over the clouds, the wedding goggles perhaps or the could be the wine or champagne or maybe, it’s just the magic of wedding and you love it.
You’re Tom’s date in Benedict’s wedding. You were sitting first row before the altar. There stood Benedict’s best man, Tom. You smiled at him softl
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 12 5
Technicolor Beat [Connor x android!reader]
The first time you ever laid your eyes on Connor was the time that he visited Elijah during his deviant investigation, along with his partner Hank Anderson. For a brief second, your [eye color] orbs locked with his rich brown eyes- he had a war inside him, a war that he doesn’t yet seem to understand. You broke the moment with Connor turning your attention to Elijah.
“You call me for me Elijah?” you ask smiling softly at him. Connor and Hank looked at you with confusion etched in their faces. Elijah Kamski, the creator of RK200, RT600 and now, RT700- which is you.
“Beautiful isn’t she? Of course along with the Chloe” Elijah smiled proudly at you and Chloe, who stood beside you, “RT700. I named her [Name], is the newest RT series. She’s one of the kind, she’s the only RT700 at the moment.” You noticed Connor’s eyes flickered with something that you didn’t quite understand; you didn’t know what it was but somet
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 33 8
Don't ever leave [Tony Stark x Reader]
Good guys aren’t supposed to fall in love with bad guys like you but you classified yourself more as a vigilante. Tony Stark knew you during the attack of New York but he asked of you during their mission in Slovikia trying to stop Ultron from destroying the earth and the avengers. Saving people had always been your mission but you don’t work under any group or government. Tony had begged and pleaded that he needed your help saving civilians but nonetheless, you agreed; only in one condition, that this is the only time they would see each other again. During the mission, Tony got himself into serious injury. One of Ultron’s robots managed to stab him in the abdomen, kicking Tony to the ground. The robot was about to strike again when you quickly run to his aid, disabling the robot. You kneel beside him as your hand glow yellow, healing his wound.
Tony took a sharp breath as he felt your cool hands in his abdomen, “Hey sweetheart,” You shook your head, tryi
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 18 0
When it rains [Connor x Reader] DBH
It was nighttime once again and you had been dreading as the moon replaces the sun. In your point of view people usually enjoys watching the sunset, how romantic it can be, watching the sun retire for the day and letting the moon takes it place. But it’s different for you; it had been the hardest time of night. You felt your chest tightens and your mind starts to whisper things to your ears. You weren’t sure if it’s your mind playing tricks with you or if the whispers were true. Pacing around the living room, you tried the breathing exercise that Connor told you to do when panic attacks creeps up on you. You try to quiet your busy mind, focusing on the exercise instead.
“Come on [Name], you can do this” You want Connor to come home; you want him to hold you, make this feeling go away. You took a deep breathe through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, ‘You can do this’ you can continue to recite in your head. Waiting for the panic to sub
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 28 7
Me instead of you [Connor x Reader]
You knew that the moment Connor step foot on the rooftop, he had calculated the percentage of your survival of this hostage situation. You wished this part of your memory, you could just easily erase but sadly, it doesn’t work that way. Fear and anxiety flowed through your system as your fight and flight response takes place. You saw Connor put his hands up indicating that he is unarmed.
“I have the diamonds with me, just like you asked.” Connor says, showing the suspect the black duffel bag. You felt the cold tip of the gun resting on your temple.
“Slowly move forward detective.” He pressed the gun closer your temple, “Any funny business and I will not hesitate to blow her brains out” You saw worry flickered in Connor’s dark brown eyes and followed the instruction given to him. You watched Connor slowly made his way to you. You felt sick to your stomach and you can hear your heart pound against your ears. Never in your detective career w
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 38 10
In the face of jealousy [Connor!Android x Reader]
You are about a millisecond before you lose your marbles.  
You have used all your willpower in refraining yourself from strangling Patricia for the last two weeks. She has been flirting, touching and has been all over Connor’s personal space, trying to get his attention but the poor guy is way too much of a gentleman to push her away or tell her off. As much as you wanted to do it yourself, you know that Connor was more than capable of handling the situation, or so you thought. Cause if he has then why hasn’t he done anything? Does he like Patricia? Or is he just that oblivious to know.
“So Connor, I was wondering if you want to go for drinks after work” it wasn’t a question, it was more like ‘come with me and let me do some things to you’ okay, sure; you’re blowing it out of proportion but it’s driving you off the wall.
“Detective Lovelock, may I ask if you can take a step back” Connor said, leaning away from Patr
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 66 26
You're home [Markus!Android x reader]
‘Hi Markus’ you greeted the android with a smile on your face, ‘Carl wanted us to join him at the studio’ you walk to the counter boiling some hot water for your evening tea.
‘I will join you shortly and please—‘ Markus stood beside you, ‘Let me prepare tea, go on,’ you were about to protest but Markus insisted to make your way to the studio and he will bring you and Carl some tea.
When Markus reached the studio, Carl was pointing some pointers about the painting that you just finished before dinner. Markus placed the tray down joining you and Carl. He stood, not to far behind you as he observed the painting.
‘What do you think Markus?’ you turned to him, asking for his opinion. You noticed his LED glowed yellow then back to blue. His blue orbs gaze at you and giving you a small smile.
‘It’s beautiful as always’ Carl chuckled making Markus look at his owner, confused.
‘There has to be more than
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 37 6
What it feels like [Connor! Android x Reader]
Connor has always admired Markus and North’s relationship, having a partner to be there for you through the good time or hard time. Sure, he has Lieutenant Anderson but it’s more of a working relationship. He was more curious about being romantically involved with someone. He had seen it once when they were looking for deviants and both Traci’s were in love. In love, he thought. What does that feel like to be in love?
Connor walked out of Captain’s office, after a short briefing about a new detective that would be going him and Hank. He made his way to Hank’s desk, as Hank continue to work on his report, ignoring the android.
“Lieutenant,” Connor greeted his partner, “The Captain as notified that we have a new detective going us today”
“I am aware,” Hank replied without looking up at his partner. Since the end of the resistance and androids has a freedom of speech and been working to live with humans. Connor has returned
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 55 9
Stay with me - Final [Sherlock Holmes x Reader]
You looked at Sherlock, John and Mary as you wait for them to explain the situation that just happened two days ago.
“Why are you guys looking at me for?” then it was your cue that they were waiting why you were at Magnussen’s office, “I—I was the one that got shot, why do I have to go first?” John glared at you then back to Mary, noticing that he doesn’t have patient with you or their current situation. You shifted into a comfortable position at the couch, trying to ignore the aches and pains that shot through your body.
“Take this Sherlock, just in case I go into shock” handing Sherlock a case that Frank gave you earlier.
You took a deep breath, “Agent 47, Frank Castle is an ex US Marine Captain into a hitman; he was at tour in Vietnam was he was set up and framed. His family was murdered in front of him” You remembered him at the park as he cried over his family. You found that he was set up and that his family was in
:iconjulietwayne:JulietWayne 6 0



Hiya! I'm bunbby~ 
Thank you so much for reading and for your interest in my art. pink heart {big} 
Change log :
OPEN Cause i never actually closed this anyways, if youre interested, note or comment below~
(for more examples, please check out my gallery ~ )
 ♡ bustshot
C O L O R E D  S K E T C H
 (detailed soft shaded + soft sketchy lines)
30 $ or 3,000 Pink Points
:iconbunbby:bunbby 292 355
Commissions 2018 [Waitlist open] [Paypal/Points]

Bigger and more examples here

Prices in points:

Bust: 1600 :points:
Thigh-up: 2100 :points:
Chibi: 1300 :points:
Terms and conditions:
-Payment via Paypal or via Points (commission widget)
-I'll start your commission when I receive the full payment.
-Final product is only for personal use. ( For commercial commisions, send me an email to: )
-You will receive a high resolution PNG file.
-NSFW (except soft NSFW)

Anything that it isn't listed in the don't list. 
-Payment ( Points // Paypal ):
-Commission type ( Bust // Knee-up // Chibi):
-Character(s) name:
-Character(s) references:
- Personality (a simple
:iconlilenee0:Lilenee0 50 17
Commission are OPEN

(last update 15 november 2018)

 Please read Terms of Service carefully before ordering. 
Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions!!

damphyr I only accept Paypal. I don't accept points

damphyr Commission will be ready within about 3 day - 3 weeks
:iconladollblanche:LaDollBlanche 660 279
Arrow left PRICE : $10 each character

PRICE : $15 each character


PRICE : $20 each character
[CM] Danny by Ricchan08
:iconricchan08:Ricchan08 109 92
Commissions! (ASK)
         HELLO! Welcome to my commissions journal!   thank you for being interested in supporting me!!   kaomoji set 1 6/19  
Pastel Pink Star Bullet  *** my prices have increased, and i thought long about it. i feel my art skill level has gone up, right? although truly, i can spend so many hours on these drawings!! also, i must raise money for things i want ehuehue!!!  *** Pastel Pink Star Bullet 
:iconideksam:idekSam 59 78
Commission Info (OPEN)
Updated: 15th Aug, 2018
Please read all the Commission info and Terms of conditions.
Don't be so hasty to send me the form. Please be considerable .
Note me with title 'Paypal Commission' or 'Point Commission' or 'Commercial Commission'.
You can comment below to order.
Inform accurate infomation, I don't mind a long Note as long as it includes everything you desire (Please keep in mind!).
Customers who are already on the waiting list can't be affected by price changes.
Save the finished drawing in your computer because I frequently clean my stash. 
♦ Please be sure that you CAN AFFORD a future commission to be added to the WAITING LIST.
 Please send me this form
:iconkuri-nyann:Kuri-Nyann 198 97
Commissions OPEN!
Full To-do List Artist Info & Questions Terms of Conditions
 09/29 • My to-do list is growing every day, yay! Because of that, please understand that when you order a commission with me the waiting time might be a bit longer than you expect. ; w;
■For point payments, the conversion is $1 = 100 ■After the sketch is done, I'll wait for the payment and only then show it to you for changes and approval. ■I usually take up to several weeks to finish a drawing - I want it to be as pretty as I can make it; it also depends on the drawing difficulty, how long is my to-do list and how busy I may be w
:iconumika-chi:Umika-chi 74 30
More than a friend. || Garry (Ib) ||
мσяє тнαη α ƒяιєη∂.
It had been almost two years since everyone left (escaped) that cursed gallery.. Ib had found herself a big sister, Garry was still girly as ever, and _.. Well _ was that big sister to Ib but more than that, She had required feelings for the purple/blue headed male of the group.  Because of this she acts weird around him and tries not to be alone.. This catches his attention but he never says anything, today both _ and Ib were going to visit Garry like usual but as they were walking about two blocks away from his house rain decided to be a sir and pour down on them. "Ahh-- Cold..!" They both held they hands over their heads to keep what little they could from the cold rain as they raced quickly for the male's house, finally the nice little blue house that ever so slightly fit Garry perfectly came into view, both girls smiled as they raced faster towards it nearly tripping a few t
:iconsapphireharuka:sapphireharuka 136 16
Syo X Reader- Shower
Syo Kurusu X Reader- Shower
Syo often wondered if you knew what you were doing. He wondered if you knew the effects your subtle hip swaying, the strawberry scented shampoo of yours or your sweet, sweet smile had on him. Or maybe you were doing it on purpose. Whatever you were trying to do, it was working because Syo couldn’t get you off his mind.
He tried to supress his growing feelings simply because he thought he didn’t stand a chance against his other handsome idol members because the rules never really mattered to him anyways. But no matter how hard he tried, the moment he saw you again, and you smiled at him, he felt himself falling for you all over again.
It was kind of sad how smitten he was with you. So smitten in fact, he missed the mutual smirks his friends wore on their faces when you walked by him, or their not-so-subtle winks.
And so he (and you) were completely oblivious when they set their (rather risky) plan in motion.
:iconxhibarithecarnivorex:XHibariTheCarnivoreX 177 13
Magic af by GDBee Magic af :icongdbee:GDBee 820 31 707 Jalapeno by MayShizuoka 707 Jalapeno :iconmayshizuoka:MayShizuoka 343 43 My Choi Boys by NunuJS My Choi Boys :iconnunujs:NunuJS 467 15
Poise | Jumin Han [Reader-Insert]
Soft instrumental notes vivid of classiness was played gently as a atmosphere catalyst. Outside the luxurious apartment, the night sky was a hue of dusty violets and black. The tall buildings of South Korea shone brightly, making the unseeable details visible. It was so lustrous one would believe that the stars or the moon would not be needed.
At least, the night scenic would do fine without a moon. Jumin Han, however, needed his moon.
Metaphorically, of course.
She was not the literal moon of his life; he had more than enough lighting in his room.
It stood for what she meant, what she gave him during this moment.
She offered him a solitude that was not unbearable of loneliness, or suffocating. It was peaceful, a chance to show what he hid, to express as he pleased.
She was not bold like the burning sun, she was a sliver light of clarity who had become his light to follow out of darkness; a saviour, an emotional caterer.
Gazing at her so
:iconscarletflame26:ScarletFlame26 56 4
HAN JUMIN - eyes by sabsajpg HAN JUMIN - eyes :iconsabsajpg:sabsajpg 117 12
Commissions : OPEN

Your OC Might be colored in my style 
(Colors are still the same but I would adapt it to be more appropriate with my coloring style)
if you would like me to color accordly to the original style please tell me
I DO. 
- Human 
- Humanoids , anthros 
- Fanart (Extra Charges) 
- Detail Clothes (Extra Charges) 
- Additional Props ; Wings, Detail Clothes, BG and Other. (Extra Charges) 

- R18 
- Guro 
- Fullmetal
- My Closed Species (Wynless,Marberlus) , (But if you just AB, you can additional commission.)
Type your choose
-Bust up
-Couple Half body 
-Thigh up 

TYPE : Headshot 35$+
(no hand)

:iconxiaoblanc:xiaoblanc 105 23
Paypal/Point COMMISSION~~~ [OPEN]
I do: fanart, OCs, Shounen-ai, Shoujo-ai, Shoujo
i don't do: realistic art style, old people, Mecha ,Heavy armor

- 1$ = 100 Points

Chibi icon:
7$/ 700Points/each

Please comment / note me with this form :
Character ref :
Expression : (in case that you don't want the default one)
Color/ pattern of the heart

20$/ 2000Points/each (+15$ for additional character) [MAXIMUM 5 CHARACTERS ]
:iconobily:Obily 97 19



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Heart Border [Blue/Orange] by RevPixy
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I'm Muggleborn - Slytherin. I'm a part time writer. Full time in arts.

SWEET-ness Icon 04 by Gasara

Heart Emote by Gasara
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With lots of love,

Heart Border [Blue/Orange] by RevPixy


22 deviations
11 deviations
Oh no.. that wave of anxiety between writing and drawing just popped out of no where.. thanks brain, now is not the time.
You stared at Bucky’s eyes thinking if you were just dreaming or was it all real. He grabbed your hand and leading you to the bridge where the rest of the team where waiting. You took a sit across Bucky and Steve but you just sat there like a statue, your brain is still trying to process everything.

“What happened to [Name]?” Steve whispered to his best friend. Bucky frowned, his eyes on you the entire time.

Natasha sat beside you, nudging you arm “Did Barnes broke you or—“ she teased but you huffed in response. Natasha knew you have this crush on Bucky but you didn’t really expect him to kiss you. Especially at work, out of all the places he can do it, he did it at work, in front of Natasha.

“Whatever Nat” you rolled your eyes at her, pivoting your seat the other way it’s just better to focus on the briefing and the mission.

The mission was flawless regardless of the ordeal from earlier, Steve and Bucky back up as usually giving them entry to the HYDRA base, get the info you needed and escaping without injuries, in some missions you weren’t so lucky but the universe seemed to be in your side today. The Quinjet landed back at the base and you bolted out of there before Steve and Bucky could say a word to you.

“[Name] Wait!” Bucky called out your name but you just keep going. Steve cleared his throat, raising his eyebrows at him.

“Okay, what is really going on Buck?”

You weren’t emotional prepared for this; you need sometime to calm down before talking to Bucky and asking for an explanation. Taking a hot shower and talking to yourself for about thirty minutes, you hopped out of the shower, drying yourself and grabbing something comfortable.

“Alright, just asked Bucky what happened and that’s it—I’m sure he had a perfectly good reason why it happened right?” You said to yourself, you started to second guess everything as the minute pass by, did you like it that he kissed you? But you’re scared that this could also ruin your friendship with him. A soft knock snapped you out of your thoughts.

You shook your head before answering the door, “Hey” he gave you a lopsided smile, “I was wondering if we can talk?” Bucky asked gazing at your [eye color] orbs.

You nod opening the door more indicating for him to come inside, you were about tell what you have been practicing all evening when he beat you to it.

“I’m sorry about the kiss” you looked at his confused. That was unexpected, you almost felt somewhat sad but you shouldn’t because it’s for the sake of your friendship.

“Oh… oh yeah! Of course! It’s not a problem,” you said trying not to sound upset because you’re not, right?

“Catherine was around and she asked me about moving on. I panic and I saw you and yeah-” Bucky explained looking at his feet like it was the interesting thing in the world.

“So you kissed me because of Catherine?” Bucky nodded, “Because?”  

“I wanted to let her know that I moved on so I told her that you’re my girlfriend” without thinking you punch Bucky in the arm, he flinched at your playful attack looking at you with a confused expression.

“Don’t pretend that hurt James! Why did you tell her that!” crossing your arms over your chest, you are beyond pissed about his reason. You just can’t lie about a non-existing relationship.

He rubbed his arm looking at you with his sad eyes, “I’m sorry, like I said I panic and I saw you and that’s all I can think of”

“So what happens now?”

“You get to be my pretend girlfriend” you punched Bucky’s arm again causing him to hiss at the pain.

“James Buchanan Barnes. You completely have lost your mind”

“Ow, I’m sorry [Name]. Please” he begged grabbing your hands in his, “Just for a while so she’ll leave me alone” you sighed, buying into puppy dog eyes. You thought that it wouldn’t hurt helping him out with his situation. But how do you really feel about this whole thing?

“How long, is a while exactly?” you asked feeling your cheeks warm up as he held your hands.

Bucky shrugged, “We’ll just see how it goes, I guess” you sighed for the third time. This is more stressful than all the times Natasha play matchmaker.

“Does Steve know?” Bucky nods, “Fine, fine. I’ll play along but you are buying me all the lunch and dinner”

“Deal!” he smiled brightly with sparkle in his blue eyes, “You’re the best” he engulfed you in his arms, hugging you. Let’s just hope everything will work out in the end.

You and Bucky pretended and acted as couple, showing small affections here and there. Bucky wasn’t the public display of affection kind of guy but he does have his own ways. He’s more of a low key romantic, like with a simple of opening the door; he would placed his hand on your mid back letting you go first. He would glance at you and smile at your when your not looking. Letting you know to be safe on your solo missions. Which you always thought you guys have that understanding before leaving on solo missions but actually hearing for the first time makes a difference. At one point, you weren’t even sure what’s actually pretending and what is real. It’s not helping your feelings about Bucky at all.  

You were sulking on the couch when Natasha walked in, “Hey where’s Bucky and Steve” she asks taking a seat beside you.

“Grabbing some dinner to go,” you said not moving from your position.

“Why didn’t you go?”

“Bucky said I should stay since they won’t be out to long,” you sat up straight with a frown plastered on your face, “I’m so confused Nat. I don’t know what to do”

Natasha gave you a small smile, “I think you know what to do [Name]” you hate it when Natasha’s right. There is a simple solution to the problem but you refused to face your true feelings about him.


“No but’s [Name]. It’s better to be honest then just hurting yourself like this. Do you and Bucky a favor, just tell him okay?”

“Tell me what?” Bucky and Steve walked in holding paper bags for tonight’s dinner, Bucky looks at you curiously setting the bags by the coffee table. Natasha gently nudged you giving you a push.

“Hmm—I—I was going to say—“ your heart raced and your hands starts to get clammy, “Did you get that dessert that I told you about?” you changed your mind last minute, inspecting the bag for dessert that you told him to picked on the way.

Steve and Bucky chuckled shaking their head at you, “What kind of boyfriend, do you think I would be, if I didn’t pick up my girlfriend’s dessert that she told me to get” he stood beside you taking the nicely wrapped dessert.

You looked at the nicely decorated box with a pink bow on top, “I told him to get wrapped up”

“Since when did Bucky learned to be so romantic”, Natasha commented, smirking at the couple.

Steve chuckled, “He’s always been like this even back then, it must be [Name]. She got the charm to her” you felt your cheek warm up not looking at your friends. Since you and Bucky had this pretend relationship, Natasha would take all her chances to embarrass you.  

Dinner went smoothly with the occasionally teasing from Natasha, the guys decided to play a movie while having dinner. It was around midnight when everyone made there way to own rooms, Bucky dropping you off at yours.

“Thank you for dinner and dessert again” you smiled at the super solider

“Anytime for my baby doll” he grins, “I love seeing you smile and I would to keep it that way” you looked away, trying to hide your blush. “I mean it [Name],”

“I— Goodnight Bucky” you tiptoe giving him a quick peck on his cheek and quickly entering your room. You leaned against the door taking a long breath, “You’re such an idiot [Name]”

Bucky leaned against your door, giving out a happy sigh “Goodnight [Name]” he whispered before heading to his own bedroom.
is it all just pretend II [Bucky Barnes x Reader]
Here's part two! I know it took a while and I'm sorry - thank you so much for all your patience and for the support. You guys are truly the best! 

love much, 


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