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It was a warm summer evening.Silence filled  the little town called Derry.Not one single Child played outside,not one single Person was to be seen on the Streets or Pavements .You could drop a Needle and it would be heard through all Streets.

,,What an odd town." Muttered Jack as he was walking through the Streets.He was used to Silence and abandoned places, but this Town was neither abandoned nor really silent.He had been in many different towns and villages,people tend to be more trustworthy in small towns so he had a much easier game here as in large cities. But after 7 pm noone went out of the House, not even grown men, not even Dogs or Cats.

,,The Children play outside when it's daytime...they sing, laugh,dance.Just as normal Brats would do.But after dark their behaviour changes.Do they already know I'm here?" Jack wondered. His system had been quite successful until now.Go to a small town or Village,kill as many Children as possible in a span of 6-12 Months without the Police suspecting a Serialkiller and then move on to the next town to repeat the Cycle.Every 100-150 Years he would change the Continent.He figured out that he wouldn't be so easy to trace that way.Neither by a human nor by something Supernatural,even though he never encountered anything Supernatural other than Jeff,from whom he prefers to stay away.He remembered his way to the USA.During WW1 he managed to befriend a little girl from the upper class. They played together for a while.But ,,Lilly" wouldn't let him gain her trust so easily so it took him longer than usual to play his psychological game with her. Suddenly, after a few weeks of playing together she bursted into her room, crying.Jack calmed her down and she told him that she would move to America,according to her mother it wouldn't be safe anymore in Britain. He took the Chance and convinced her to sneak him in his Box onto the ship. 3 Months he lived with her in her new house in the area around Chicago. He normally killed his Victims after 3 weeks, but this was his way to say ,,Thank you" for the refuge and help he had gotten from Lilly. Since then he,THE Laughing Jack killed in the USA.

Jack chuckled at the thought of Lilly's begging and crying.But soon felt a familiar feeling in his guts. He just HAD to kill again,no time for games.The Urge became stronger and stronger over the past two weeks he had been here. He couldn't take it much longer.But it was of no use,he wasn't even able to get his hands on a Grown up,they were too careful.

As LJ walked down the streets of Derry he looked at the houses he passed.In many Houses wouldn't even burn light.Suddenly he stopped.To his right he could make out a house where the lights were still on.He approached it slowly.before stepping to the window he made himself invisible.He couldn't risk anyone noticing him,this house was his last hope of a nice slay for probably the next hole week.Carefully he listened in hopes of making out noises a potential child could make.

after a few seconds he widened his eyes and started to smile in pure delight.A Boy,probably around the age of 14 seemed to talk to someone on the phone, judging his attitude it was someone of his age range. His Handmovements were Wild and over the top,he practically screamed at the phone he was abusing that sat  on a small desk next to a blue Staircase.

,,No Bill! I'm not coming!"

The boy sounded angered.

,,It's of no use! We should enjoy the Summer vacations!"

Jack had to giggle. ,,Yeah.Yeah you should.The best way of doing so is Camping outside,where I can get you in a blink of an eye." he whispered to himself in a sinister tone.

,,No! ...NO! Not ,,Richie listen!" ,now YOU listen! I've had enough of you and i won't go into this house EVER again! This fucking Clown nearly ate us!"

The Clown? Jack stared in shock at the still screaming boy. He hadn't even killed one single Child! They couldn't possibly mean him.He didn't attack anything! There must be another Killer.LJ thought for a second that it could be Jeff,but they usually  both make sure to not hunt in the Area of the other.Jack gave his word,and so did Jeff.

,,This House is a death trap by itself, the floor nearly cracked and the High grass is a fucking Jungle !I WON'T GO!" and with that he hung up and went to the staircase only to go upstairs and slam a Door.

Jack felt himself filling up with rage.This can't be possible.This was his hunting Area and it would stay his! There can only be ONE! And it would be Jack.THE Laughing Jack!If he had to take his Urge out on the other Clown,then so be it!

Jack turned around and walked in a quick pace to an down the Street.He was pretty sure he knew what house was meant.This old abandoned mansion thing ,the Fence around it was broken and the windows were nailed shut.But that wouldn't stop him.

Good 10 Minutes later he arrived at the door of the building.He took his black greasy claw and pushed very carefully against the door,trying to be as quite as possible.With a loud creak the door opened and revealed an old Entrance hall,covered in rotten leaves and random old stuff in the corners of it.Jack entered the building slowly and shut the door behind him.He could hear soft high pitched squeaks, probably Rats. He moved his Head from left to right,scanning the hall.Suddenly he made out a staircase.His eyes glued to the it he approached the staircase.Resting one hand on the handrail he stared up.his eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness he saw nothing up there,at least nothing alive.


,,THE FUCK?!" Jack jumps around to the direction the voice came from.It sounded like a child,a boy.But much more malicious.He didn't shit his Pants,but it caught him off guard for a second.He admitted that.He felt himself becoming furious over that.He straightened himself and walked self-assured to the direction where the sound came from.He walked across the hall into a small room,at the end of it he saw some kind of old Fountain.

,,Jack!Come down!We want to play with you!"

this time it was a group of kids,chanting the same sentence in the same tone.

,,Oh you little shits,believe me i can't WAIT to play with Every.Single.One.Of you." The Instincts drove him mad,the voices were so near,he could almost feel their bloody spinal column in his Claws.

Suddenly he felt an ominous presence.He instantly turned around and there he stood.His opponent. He had Ginger hair and a weird hairline going only to the middle of his huge Skalp,a dirty greyish-white clownsuit from the 17th Century with matching boots.Instead of buttons he had Orange Pompons on the ,,shirt" and one on each of his boots.His face was pale white just like Jack's but he had two red lines on each side of his face one inch over his eye starting and going down over his cheek all the way to each side of the lipcorners. His eyes were Yellowish orange and completely sinister.To top everything he had a red Nose.Jack was more the ,,Modern version" of this guy.He was entirely black and white with pale silver eyes surrounded in almost light absorbing black. His raven black hair was messy and went all the way down to his shoulders,while his opponents hair seemed to go in unnatural ways up to form a funny intended hairstyle. Jacks clothes looked more like the goth version of workers clothes from the 18th century,only his striped cone nose,his clownish makeup and  his black vintage collar  suggest him being one.

,,You're not Bill..."The ginger clown exclaimed,almost sad.

,,No.I am Jack.Laughing Jack.The one and only." Jack  answered very prideful.

,,I am Pennywise,the d-dancing Clown!" The orange haired Clown said,he shook his head like he had a tick what made the little bells on Pennywise's costume ring.Jack only noticed them now.,,Anyways,this is my hunting area, so leave.NOW.Before you did your last dance Pennywise."LJ didn't even try to talk this out,he actually wanted this to escalate.He haven't had a good fight in a while,and Jeff wasn't around so Pennywise had to be enough for now.,,Your area?I didn't see your Name on it?" Pennywise made sure it sounded rude and provoking.He know that Jack isn't human. ,,Oh look we've got a funny Motherfucker over here!Listen Fuckface,this is my area and i wont say it again.LEAVE!"

,,You like Balloons Jack?"


Suddenly a Red Balloon levitated right to Jack ,with him just staring confused at it.It stopped Inches infront of his face and suddenly exploded. Pennywise stood  Inches  Infront of him,staring at him with a sinister smile.Jack reacted instantly and Punched Pennywise directly into his face.It was a one hit kill,Pennywise literally flew through the hole room and clashed against the Wall.Black Dots danced infront of his eyes and it took him a second to gain full control back.It was only then that he looked at his feed and realized he hadn't changed his Form. Pennywise couldn't understand it. Usually he would morph into the most feared thing of the Individual and scare it shitless. Pennywise himself couldn't scare him,that hit proved enough. It was only then he realized it...

Fear isn't  something that could be harvested from Jack.

Pennywise couldn't believe it.There HAD to be something! He jumped up and lunged at Jack, he doged the attack elegant and hit Pennywise with his claws right across the face. Pennywise hollered and stumbled back.Jack followed him.Pennywise fell to the Ground.Three big red  marks  started to form right across his face.

,,You did your last Dance Gingerfuck!" With madness glooming out of his eyes,LJ bend over him and lifted his right arm with the Claws almost dangling in the air,ready to strike.Penny took the chance and kicked Jacked with all of his force between the legs.Eyes widened Jack sunk down,moaning.Pennywise jumped up and immediately went on Jack's throat.




Pennywise screamed into LJ's face while chocking him. Jack tried to get rid of him,but it was of no use.He kept staring at him.Suddenly Pennywise smelled something.He stopped and went close to Jack's face,sniffing him.He smelled like something,but it was no fear.It smelled as good as fear,but it wasn't the same.Pennywise noticed that Jack wasn't trying to push him off in any way.He just stared at him,slowly taking a reddish tint to his face. Pennywise stared back at him in cofusion.It was only then he noticed something.Or rather he noticed that he was sitting on something.Pennywise slided a few inches  back  and looked down.There was a bulge in Jacks pants.Pennywise looked back at Jack whoms face turned tomato red.suddenly Pennywise realized what that smell was.He smelled it a few times now and he knew what that bulge meant.He had seen several Parents from his Victims ,,getting rid" of that bulge in a certain way,the smell went trough the hole house.

What was he supposed to do? he couldn't feed from that feeling. But he had seen that Humans had  a strange liking to it.Maybe it to get rid of this? Should he try it? Would Jack allow it?It was the very least  he could do after throwing him around the house like a Ragdoll.

Slowly he went back on the bulge,bending his face down to Jack's who just stared at him.

,,Care to explain?" He asked Jack mockingly?

Pennywise could see the hesistation in LJ's face.Just before he could say anything Jack slammed his lips onto Pennywise's ones.Penny was shocked at first but let it happen.Slowly they moved their lip passionately in synchro.Jack set himself up so that Pennywise was sitting on his lap which didn't bother Pennywise.Not in the slightest.

LJ pressed Pennywise onto him and asked with his tounge for entrance,which Pennywise gladly gave.They both fought for dominance for a while.Jack won.The kiss felt like an eternity.Jack lifted Pennywise up and carried him Bridal style to the Mattress that layed next to the Fountain. He layed him down on it and bend over him,almost ripping the clothes off while kissing Pennywise's neck,searching for the sweet spot.After a loud moaning from him Jack knew he had found it,Sucking and biting it while ripping the Pants off.Pennywise lay on the mattress,only in his underpants.He decided it was time for him to gain dominance,so he grabbed Jack by the shoulders and threw him onto the mattress.He stripped LJ's clothes off and and went back to his mouth,their tounges dancing together for awhile.Suddenly Jack touched his chest,caressing it.He slowly went down to his abdomen and down to his underpants,sliding one hand in and fondling the shaft from Pennywise.He broke the Kiss.Pennywise smiled and striped down his under pants.

,,How do we want to do this?" Jack asked Pennywise.

,,Turn around." he ordered. Pennywise had realized that LJ was completely submissive in bed but could surely turn the complete opposite if he wanted to.Jack obeyed.

Pennywise went on his knees and looked at the ass of Jack.

,,Like the sight?" Jack asked? ,,I love it." he answered.Both realized the irony and chanted suddenly together ,,I'm lovin' it!"

Pennywise spit onto his finger and humidified the entrance.Then he placed himself infront of him and slowly entered him.Jack gasped and gripped  the mattress tightly.Pennwise startet to move slowly,Jack started to moan.The room was filled of the sound of skin clapping together. A wave of pleasure started to hit both of them.

After a while Pennywise started to quicken his pace ,gripping onto Jacks hair with one hand and Jacking him off with the other.At this point Jack became a mess.They both started moaning very loudy,Pennywise got rougher and rougher.The hole house was filled with Their sounds.After a while Jack started to feel knot strenghen inside of him.

,,I-I'm gonna cum!" Jack yelled. Pennywise went deeper and faster to really pleasure him.

,,Oh Fuck yes"

Jack started to roll his eyes into the back of his head,moaning really loud.Pennywise kept jacking him off at the same time,Jack finally came right into Pennywises hand.

Pennywise pulled out and looked at the the mess he made out of Jack.Jack just smiled at him and looked down,noticing the erection.This time Jack grabbed Pennywise by the shoulders and pushed him onto the mattress. He went down on him leaving behind a trail of kisses.Jack looked at his shaft and smiled.He took it and slowly started to move his hands up and down while gaining a ton of moans from Pennywise.Finally he took his hole shaft into his mouth and started to bob his head.Pennywise grabbed Jack's hair and moaned.

,,Go deeper,i beg you!" Jack obeyed. He even bobbed his head faster.

Pennywise started to almost yell his name.Finally Pennywise felt the famous knot in his stomach.Jack noticed it and immediately went faster and deeper.

,,Oh fuck Jack don't stop!"

Jack chuckled

,,Oh FUCK!" Penny wise came right into Jacks mouth,he swallowed the load down and layed next to Pennywise who cuddled himself into him.Jack grabbed the pillow and the blanket one junkie probably left there and covered them with it.

,,So will you leave now or not?" Jack asked Pennywise smiling.

,,I still haven't seen a sign with ,,Welcome to Derry,the town of The Laughing Jack on it." Pennywise answered.

They both chuckled.
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