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The Walk
Bitter coffee at dawn
is an aftertaste
of spilled wine and tears
at midnight.
Flames leap like cheerleaders
But I have little to cheer about
as I leave the house
blanketed in a mist of thought.  
I crumble his chocolate
from Ghirardelli,
litter the road with a shared moment
now dead in the grass.
I pound music in eardrums,
intermingling melodies
rewiring the heartbeat
and my voice is a chorus in a Shakespearean play
narrating heartbreak
through the analogy of pop.
Stained glass catches my eye -
what was once clear fogged up
by pastel paint glinting in grey.  
I watch them like it's aurora borealis
while the wind races the leaves to my feet
puzzled by my fixation to things that shatter.
By the lake I picture stones skipping away stillness
as my ears are loud with musical catharsis.
Raindrops tap a path home
but my feet cannot follow
those bulleted steps just yet.
I walk instead on the autumn ocean
blanketing the frost tipped grass
And like Moses I float upon its leafy waves
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 33 4
Blue Neighbourhood
When I close my eyes I still see your ghost
cause you know that I can't trust myself with my 3AM shadow. 
Mortal bodies, timeless souls
kissing up on fences -
that liquid guilt is on my lips.
Life it's hard, I know -
I see quiet nights poured over ice and Tanqueray
where dreams go to die. 
But you left me no choice
I'm down to my skin and bone.  
We're like two halves of one heart 
not ready to be found 
and it's driving me wild.
I was just trying to be like you, 
a phoenix in the fire; 
how do I get to heaven? 
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 10 4
Drowning in inspiration
My notebook is waterlogged
with ink rising
like coal seam gas 
to contaminate the blank page
and weave letters
into language. 
I sift my gold pan
in this inspiration stream
for flecks of alluvial magic
that leap from my synapses 
and seed themselves
into fists, tears, skinned elbows -
those concrete buoys 
that personify yet disappoint. 
May the sun evaporate
their sins
so I’m left with 
muddy meaning.
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 4 0
When my mother collapsed
I thought of a bezoar
shoved down her throat
to reverse her slack-jawed reality,
and then I remember the poison
is actually a stroke.
I drag out the aspirin jar,
fumble the lid
and slam-dunk the pill
through still lips
while triple zero is dialled
and I await the wail,
the siren of saviours
who’ll make her move again. 
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 3 0
Cottesloe Sunset
Perth sand pools
around toes
as the sun deflates,
popped by gravity 
to slump
below the sea. 
Earth inverts
and the sky is golden sand
bleeding to crude oil. 
Purple rain 
stitches to sky, fades
into Night's embrace.
Silhouettes linger 
like surfboards, 
swept up in sea spray. 
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 1 2
Mature content
Anticlimax :iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 2 0
Blood Test
A needle veers
into vein
pulsing with pathogen.
I grimace
as the tickle-sting
of metal piercing skin 
ripples goosebumps down my arm. 
Soft cotton 
smothers the pinprick,
comes away
with a gunshot wound.
Sticky skin flesh
stems the flow. 
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 4 0
Mature content
Fling :iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 2 0
Rock climbing
My skin calloused
into lifelines
gripping against
I lift off,
feet digging
sweat falling
like dirt flecks
as I excavate
towards sky.  
Heat wells
from fatigued muscle
trying to scale angles
but drawing air.  
I lunge, spinning, 
and find grip. 
signals free-fall
to ground,
slowed by spool
of rope,
my feet 
by still earth. 
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 15 4
The art of subbing
To punctuate properly
is to pause speech
with a stray bullet 
signalling stoppage 
and that means
Forget the free-flow
of your runaway sentence;
choke off all circulation
of such gangrenous language.
Let the red ink bleed
across paper so thick
with typed scrawl  
not even a tourniquet 
can stem
confusion emanating
from prose so convoluted.  
Watch as word-flesh is stripped
and a blinking cursor
applies a skin graft
over the amateur stitching
of your story.
Words are wheeled out
sterile but alive. 
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 3 2
Domestic violence
I treat my body
like a tempest
seeking resolve. 
I waver
between angst
and ecstasy
waiting for waterworks
that arrive 
in a squall, 
thickening the stormclouds
that pattern
my pale skin. 
It's the sin
of loving too hard
a man whose hands
know fists
not caresses. 
I seek shelter 
from shame
but the sky above
leaks tears
that puddle
my sight.
There is never
in the violence
of love.  
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 5 4
Mature content
Orgasm :iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 7 4
I can’t unsee his Toyota Hilux –
that battered blue excuse
of a car that I see
parked in my vision
whenever I take
another desperate left turn
out of his existence.  
The everydayness of his car,
the car
that carries his son
and new girlfriend
and tools
and my shattered-glass hopes
but he’s a glazier,
he knows
how to shard moments together
use a little spit and memory
to wipe the surface clean,
like the rain that collects
on his windshield
only to be flicked off
by the wipers.
Fear made him
Maybe that's why
our image
in the bright of day.
Like a vampire
he departs
before light creeps
through the chink
of curtains
leaving behind kisses
that leave no trace
just imprints
chiselled by memory.
He comes home
deep in reflection
except there is no depth
to his thoughts.
He seemed strong
like bulletproof glass
except we didn't test its strength
before we dived
into each other
Easy to say we broke
but harder to admit
we glassed.
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 3 0
To be over something
is to ride a speed bump
up to its crescent
and crush it
under tire
until the road is wrinkle-free.
To be over, some
tires have to lose
their grip
on past reality.
To be over someone
is to drive a car
through potholes
to find smooth road
To be over, some
one has to say
those potholes
don't feel like quicksand
Because it is over -
you are the speed bump
that can become
a level crossing.
You can watch
your train of thought
passing by, lay
a thumbprint upon the ground
and cry
Then step back,
let the vision vanish
into dust
Let the life tracks
left behind
form a new railway.
drive away.
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 48 18
Dear To Whom It May Concern,
Being an omnipotent myth of human minds can be really unreliable work. You just don’t know how people will justify the use of your name for the most beautiful or most hateful of crimes. Yes, humans are only capable of crimes. Some of kindness, and some of blindness. Take the ten commandments for example.
You shall have no gods apart from me. I’m sorry, but isn’t capitalism a god? Isn’t ideology a god? I mean, I’m an ideology, right? I’m a name associated with religions aplenty. Gods are just symbols for morals we all need. But you know, God likes an ego stroke and who better than the people who made up my existence.
You shall not make idols. You’re kidding me, right? Celebrities are a class (should I say crass) example. Or sportspeople, or the lady down the street, or anyone dubbed a hero. That word is so overused.
You shall not take the name of the lord in vain. Oh my god. Don’t ev
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 8 5
Here lies a man, slain by conscience. His candles burnt to stubs, his cries unnoticed. No preacher, but a soldier among humans. Kindness is a fallacy and greatness is a god. 
Let anonymity cloak him. He shot dogs and men during the war. He stole to live. His mind's appetite was whetted on philosophy. It did nothing for the men who took him. 
He killed to keep peace alive. But that killed him. And now he is entombed in memory, a page in history. 
Our wars drag on in futility. 
Rest in peace,
Your son Graham Andrews, proud army lieutenant 
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 5 2
Comments and critiques are very much appreciated. :heart:

Random from Accepted DD Suggestions

The Narrative OC MEME
I. Choose up to five (5) of your favorite original story characters that will embark in this role-play. If you don't have five (5) then leave them blank (or create a character on the spot!) Be sure to give a little description of them:
II. One of your characters decides to make a grand entrance into a random tavern. How does that go? Pick either Character One  or Character Four :
III. Jealous, Character Three tries to make a grand entrance as well but somehow fails… why is that?
IV. A character is surrounded by many enemies and decides that the only thing they can do is fight! How does that go? Pick either Character Two or Character Five
V. Character Three is depressed and decides to get drunk.
VI. An event like no other takes place and Character One and Character Two get into a battle to the death. Who wins?
VII. Character Four or Character Five accidentally drink a love potion. Who do they fall in love wit
:iconmeasthenarrator:MeAsTheNarrator 2,788 748
this one's four you three two
her name, if i remember correctly, was laura, melissa and purple.
picture this;
a girl stays far away from the swing, too scared to touch the sky and follow in the footsteps of wax-winged men. her mammy said the branch would give in. her friend crowns the tree with whispered words, and tells the petrified bark never to give up on itself.
they learn how to spell, fumbling fingers holding fat crayons in fists, racing each oh-tee-her, el-ih-ay-ar-ning to-get-her. it doesn't matter to them that they don't get full marks even though "l-e-a-r-anne" and "d-e-c-laura-t-i-o-n" are clearly wrong.
they are four and nothing's stopping them from living forever.
[now picture this;
moving away is so much sadder when it's further than just across your backyard, feels like accidentally squirting lemon juice in your eyes when she was your friend and you promised 'best', hangs like eyebags and premonitions because you left her number to be lost amidst the grass when you sat on that swing
:iconchoirsoftheheavens:choirsoftheheavens 424 252
It's Time To Dream CSS New by Anjellyjoy It's Time To Dream CSS New :iconanjellyjoy:Anjellyjoy 517 368
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Random from Literature Resources

Poetry Self-Edit Checklist

Poetry Self-Edit Quick Start Guide and Checklist

The idea behind this is to give newer poets a way to better edit their poetry themselves, without having to rely as much on an external editor.  It can be frustrating, especially for new poets to request feedback from a friend, or worse, to post a poem, and have all of the responses be about grammatical errors and other details.  We write poetry to convey ideas and emotions, and when something is off technically about the poem it distracts the reader.  When a reader is distracted enough to notice an error or other problem it means they might spend the time they might otherwise have spent glowing about your poem to post a comment correcting you instead.  
After this introduction is over the checklist will be as brief as possible while retaining its utility.  The idea is to serve as an organizational tool and a reminder rather than to educate on effective
:iconmahi-fish:Mahi-Fish 216 56
Character Motivation
Everyone's heard that characters should have goals, something they want and must strive for, overcoming obstacles and antagonists in order to obtain. Because, well, a story is the record of your character's journey toward achieving a goal.
While all of this is true, I think a lot of writers lose sight of an even more important aspect of character. That is, motivation. Sure, you know what your character wants.
That's the gist of motivation. What is the psychology and reasoning behind your character's goal? If your character is driven to make money, is his motivation greed? To pay off a debt? To support his family?
Motivation is your character's emotional connection with the reader. When the reader comes to understand why your character has set out to achieve his goal, they will understand your character in human terms, relate to him, and become invested in what happens to your character throughout the story.
Without a clear motivation, your character's goals don't mean much. So wha
:iconilluminara:illuminara 367 53
Prosody Guide
Here's a short and limited guide to prosody. Thought it might be helpful. Let's start with few terms:
Rhythm - refers to the natural rise and fall of the voice when something is being spoken or read aloud.
Meter - comes from the Greek word for "measure," is used to describe a regular rhythmic pattern that operates throughout a given poem.
Cesura - is a strong break/pause in the middle of a line.
Scansion - the act of determining the meter of a poem by marking the stressed and unstressed syllables in its lines.
Accents - (Stressed syllables) are marked by a slant line above the syllable (/)
Slack Syllables – (unstressed syllables) are marked in one of two ways--either with an x above the syllable, or with a mark that looks like a somewhat flattened u.
Blank Verse - Unrhymed iambic pentameter. This is not what is known as Free Verse! Blank verse is usually divided into verse paragraphs, which are of different lengths (unlike stanzas w
:iconleoraigarath:leoraigarath 18 10
Effective Brevity
Effective Brevity
deviantArt is a minimalist experience. No one has time to use words unwisely. You may write lengthily, but not redundantly. This is good practice; a rule they don't teach you at school, but that all writers ought to learn before they break it.
Brevity is the best way to show-not-tell. It is the best way to keep pace. It is the best way to create convincing characters and plot.
5 steps to keeping it brief:
Why use a genus when you could use a species? When describing Aunt Maria's dog, is it more effective to say "dog" or "dachshund". "Dachshund" not only tells me what the dog looks like, it tells me about Aunt Maria too.
Why use an abstract when you could use a concrete? The story of "the love affair" may be longer than the noun phrase, but its length is compensated ten times over by the new insight. Do not talk to me about "death" or "dream" unless I know whose death or which dream. It must be an action or event to earn its place, not a "thing".
:iconcrumpetsharvey:CrumpetsHarvey 39 24
Literature Resources [updated Jan.2014] by WorldWar-Tori Literature Resources [updated Jan.2014] :iconworldwar-tori:WorldWar-Tori 118 54 Prompt table-generator by Solarune Prompt table-generator :iconsolarune:Solarune 11 13
Writing Style vs. Voice
A Writer's Guide to Style vs. Voice
Here on dA, there seems to be a lot of confusion and general mass hysteria when it comes to the subjects of writing style and voice.  What are they?  What's the difference?  Can you write one without the other?  How important are they, anyhow?  Do you really need either of them?  Wait, what are they again?
Style is the form and structure with which you write.
Voice is the attitude and perspective with which you write.
In other words, voice is the emotion and feeling of a piece of literature, and style is the technical way of communicating that emotion.
Clearly, there is a tangible difference between the two.  Style is a delivery system for voice.  While voice can and should affect the form with which you write, you can most certainly write one without the other.  However, the best writing is a masterful fusion of both.  
I'm here to illustrate for you the difference between style and voice and to define exactly what they are and how you can us
:iconilluminara:illuminara 359 67
How to Start and Stay Writing
I recently solicited my watchers to ask me writing questions that I would then attempt to answer in a writing guide such as this. This article is my first response, and there will be many more to come.
I've been asked to give advice on ways a writer can begin to put words on a page. The bottom line is as simple as this: sit your butt down and write.
Duh, right? It's the only way I know to actually write.
Sure, sitting your butt in a chair is easy, but getting your fingers to move and stay moving is a challenge. Here are three things that have helped me.
1) Have a goal.
Your goal can be as simple as "describe the person in this picture" or as ambitious as "write 1,000 words of my novel." Having a goal will drive you forward and motivate you to keep writing. Whatever you do, don't move your butt from your chair until you accomplish your goal.
Other practical goals include setting a timer, writing to the end of a chapter or scene, and completing a particular section of an outline or numbe
:iconilluminara:illuminara 790 127
Active and Passive Voice
Active Voice
Active voice occurs when the subject or agent in the sentence performs the action, often towards an object. For example, let's look at the following sentence written in active voice:
Katie spilled the milk.
In this sentence, Katie is the subject, and she performs the action (spilling) on the direct object (the milk.) The most obvious way to spot active voice is through the use of active verbs, which are simply verbs that express actions. In most cases, the sentence will take on the simple form of the tense it's in, whether past, present, or future.
Passive Voice
In passive voice, the object being acted upon is emphasized over the agent. A passive version of the previous sentence would look like this:
The milk was spilled by Katie.
In this sentence, our object (the milk) appears before the action (was spilled) and the agent (Katie.) You will also notice that this sentence is in the progressive fo
:icononewordatatime:onewordatatime 72 29
On Detailing Characters
"Your need to tell me absolutely everything, as if every tiny detail were just so integral to the plot, was supremely annoying." You can always tell when an author has gone through many drafts, and when an author has gone through just a few. There are many details that work their way into writing that don't necessarily have to be there. Some of these unnecessary details may offer seasoning to the story---mood, tone, or serve to draw attention to something specific; just be careful, as too much seasoning can ruin the flavor of your soup. You don't want it too bland, but you don't want it too salty, either. This is what makes being a writer nicer than being a cook; you can add more detail or edit superfluous detail out without destroying the piece, whereas a soup might be ruined with too much fiddling. By trial and error, you can find a good balance and I encourage you to experiment this way. To play on one of Gandalf's quotes: "A good author is neither too detailed nor too sparse, but p
:iconthebrassglass:TheBrassGlass 54 7
The Critic's Toolkit: Lit
The Critic's Toolkit: Literature Edition
Critique, the examination or analysis of a work of art (in our case, a written work of course), can be an enjoyable, educational experience for both the critic and the author.  If that sounds like something a teacher would say to you about a subject that makes you alternately fall asleep or want to throw up, don't despair, because it can actually be a great experience.  You just need some tools to help you.
The main component to many critiques of beginner's work tends to be technical.  This can be as basic as misspellings and punctuation errors, which can be an easy thing for you to put in your critique in order to give it more substance, but the technical aspect can also take on a wider scope.  Technical critique can examine sentence structure in terms of general readability and how clearly an idea is portrayed, to even the metaphoric and the way imagery was used.
:iconmackwrites:mackwrites 14 19
A word about haiku - MS James
A word about haiku - by Michael James
I believe there are a few basic precepts about haiku that are largely overlooked, or just flat out just not taught in most basic literary (poetic) courses. Everyone seems to know that a haiku is supposed to be written in the structure of 5-7-5 syllables per line respectively, but there is much more going on than just a simple syllable constraint. I shall attempt to give a brief overview of the main points about haiku.
First off, the 5-7-5 syllable structure most often cited as being the sole 'structural rule' of haiku is based on the original Japanese constraint. However, the Japanese language and more specifically their word structure differ from English in a critical way when it comes to the definition of this structure. In the Japanese language, each sound unit is called an onji as opposed to our syllable. This unit of measure for a word is considerable more concise than what we use to define a syllable (typically only
:iconwudang-mountain:Wudang-mountain 208 76
Blank Character Sheet
It is very important to get to know the characters of your stories/novels, as knowing the basics can provide description and characterization throughout your novel.
I have compiled a basic character reference sheet below in the hopes that you will find it of use.
Where he lives:
Eye color:
Glasses or contacts:
Type of body/build:
Skin tone:
Shape of face:
Notable features:
Hair color:
Type of hair:
Is he or she in good health?
If not, why not?
Physical disabilities:
Prized possession:
Background & Family
Relationship with mother:
Relationship with father:
How many?:
Describe relationship:
Place in the birth order:
Extended family?:
Describe relationship:
Greatest fear:
The worst thing that could happen?:
Most at ease when:
Most uncomfortable when:
Most embarrassing past failure:
Darkest secret:
Does anyone
:iconmegan24601:megan24601 321 51
The Ultimate Writing Guide
Have great tutorial that you want to show off to help others? Or need a great tutorial yourself to make your characters shine across the battlefield? Then check out the description for more information.
:iconcheyanne-author:Cheyanne-Author 914 105
Character Profile Outline
Okay, before anybody starts to think this is some weird idea, let me explain.
For anyone who knows how to write (and I mean, REALLY knows how to write), you understand that a good story has everything written out on paper first.  You know, stuff like Outlines, Plot Triangles, Character Profiles.  This might be of a challenge to some of you and tie you down, but unless you are capable of keeping every piece of information in your mind, this is a good resource to fall back on.  If you do not need this, then fine—you aren’t required to use it.  According to Science Fiction Writers of America, do character sketches and plot summaries but “do not let yourself be locked in by your planning documents.”
In time, I will devise a website that will help more than just creating your character.  On said site, I will post other outlines that will help YOU with YOUR writing, along with some very useful information. 
:iconkittyfelone:KittyFelone 1,936 861
How to Write Villanelles
           Villanelles can be quite discouraging; they look simple but are actually quite difficult. However, when mastered, it becomes “technically easy” according to Conrad Geller.  Just like riding a bike, right?  The name Villanelle is derived from the Italian villa, or country house, which is where aristocrats went to “refresh” themselves.  Strangely enough, the form is originally French and only appeared in the English language in the lat 1800s (19th century).  Out of the 19 lines in a Villanelle, only two rhymes are used.  Furthermore, two lines repeat throughout the poem; usually the first and last lines of the first stanza are repeated interchangeably throughout the second, third, fourth, and fifth stanzas (starting with the first line of the first stanza) until the last stanza where both are repeated in the same stanza.
:iconmattiello:Mattiello 248 240

Perks of Being a Wallflower

I don't know if I will have the time to write anymore letters
Because I might be too busy trying to participate.
So if this does end up being the last letter,
I just want you to know that I was in a bad place before I started high school
And you helped me.

Even if you didn't know what I was talking about
Or know someone who's gone through it.
You made me not feel alone.

Because I know there are people who say all these things don't happen.
And there are people who forget what it's like to be sixteen when they turn seventeen.
And know these will all be stories someday
And our pictures will become old photographs
And we'll all become somebody's mom or dad.
But right now these moments are not stories.

This is happening.
I am here and I am looking at her
And she is so beautiful.
I can see it.
This one moment when you know you're not a sad story,
You are alive.
And you stand up and see the lights on buildings
And everything that makes you wonder,
When you were listening to that song
On that drive with the people you love most in this world.

And in this moment, I swear, we are infinite.


"Sometimes it's easy to forget that we spend most of our time stumbling around the dark. Suddenly, a light gets turned on and there's a fair share of blame to go around. I can't speak to what happened before I arrived, but all of you have done some very good reporting here. Reporting that I believe is going to have an immediate and considerable impact on our readers. For me, this kind of story is why we do this."

-Marty Baron (Spotlight)

The Bread Manufacturers principle of free reporting

"It is of extreme public interest that no conduct should be permitted which is likely to prevent a litigant in a court of justice from having his case tried free from all matter of prejudice. But the administration of justice, important though it undoubtedly is, is not the only matter in which the public is vitally interested; and if in the course of the ventilation of a question of public concern matter is published which may prejudice a party in the conduct of a law suit, it does not follow that a contempt has been committed. The case may be one in which as between competing matters of public interest the possibility of prejudice to the litigant may be required to yield to other and superior considerations.

The discussion of public affairs and denunciation of public abuses, actual or supposed, cannot be required to be suspended merely because the discussion of the denunciation may, as an incidental but not intended by-product, cause some likelihood of prejudice to a person who happens at the time to be a litigant."

Ex parte Bread Manufacturers Ltd; Re Truth & Sportsman Ltd (1937) 37 SR NSW at 249.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. The Book Thief, Markus Zusak

Ten is a long time to be here on deviantART. I basically grew up here surrounded by many wonderful people who have taught me important life lessons. And there's still so much to learn.

I'm a writer and will always be one. I believe in the power of language and the imagination to transform people's lives. Yet, after 3 and a half years, I've left my dream job in journalism to move into a small law firm. It's been a big scary move, but now I'm leaning towards media law or medical law.

I'm currently writing mostly poetry, although the majority of my literary work has been prose (flash fiction and short stories). I still write prose now and then but for now I'm taking a creative dive into poetry. I've also done my fair share of novels, but nothing worth publishing at this stage.

I've been published in a flash fiction collection. And outside of dA, I've been published in print, online, radio and TV on news, features and even opinion.

The most important thing for me is to strive for improvement and enjoy the inane madness that writing brings to my life.

Thanks for dropping by! :wave:


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Rachel, please watch me back. I adore your writing, and I'll most certainly be back to read and fav everything that you have written.
Kelly. Besides my photography, I have written words in my journals and there are some hidden Gems in there.
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