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'the late hour'

My latest at green-ware stage.... I love the idea of expressing the figure as a composite of male and female and inside and times of experience and learning.
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Jul 24, 2012, 5:14:53 PM
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Thank you Estefania.
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At first I thought it was chiseled from wood, it has such a natural flow & grain look. Just beautiful. More photos, different angles, PLEASE!
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Thanks again Edward for your thoughtful response. Would you agree that often clay looks better at green-ware stage. All the modelling seems to stand out so well. The challenge for me is to retain these marks when finishing...they so often disappear.
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Regret to say I don't use waterbased clays. In my early teens I had some experience buying those pre-made greenware casts of simple objects, but the only clay work was scraping the mold seam line off, then applying glazes to paint the greenware. I suspect the nice "middle value" greenware color would make your modeling marks more pronounced, assuming the clay goes to near white when fired, yes? Wish I had time to play with ceramic clays. Even the potter's wheel looks like it would be good creative exercise. I'm beginning to ramble here, aren't I? :)
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Going surreal, are we?
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Ah Jay now you challenge me again. Yes I suppose I am dipping into a more surrealist style.....I certainly hope to express 'more' in my imagery this year. Like you with your wonderful faces, I plan to give myself permission to stretch my perception.
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By all means, you should.
When I first saw this I thought it was driftwood. Then I made out the figure and I thought Dali. Then I saw the 'sand dune' marks and thought clay. By that time I saw your moniker and knew it was your greenware. Usually, you knock me for a loop and I know it's your work immediately, but not this time.
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