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Terracotta/ iron oxide/gold and copper patina
h.40cm x w.60cm

The third work explores the act of coming to terms with and acceptance of the need for natural order.
The figure lies asleep but not in repose. The limbs are held stiffly and extend past the base of the support. The foundation is weak. The dancing shoes suggest a loss of connection to the earth…avoidance.
The bird sits confidently above the apparently suspended figure. It appears to threaten and the stance implies a disregard for the other.
There is a disconnection between man and nature. There is a breakdown in knowledge about the other.
This work is uneasy. There is a tension between the two states of being.
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50 mm
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Feb 23, 2012, 4:17:31 AM
© 2012 - 2021 JulieSwanSculpture
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For some reason this one makes me angry... hateful...
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I created this work when a large heron came into my garden each day and speared and ate my goldfish. These fish were very tame and they trusted me.  I had trained them to trust and so then they were easy prey. Each day the heron would sit on a roof a long way away and wait until I went inside......then bang it would be there. I felt so bad for the fish...I would even dream about the attacks at night.

Then I accepted that the bird was only doing bird things....I put a cover over the remaining fish...the bird went away... 
The situation made me think about how we disconnect from nature.
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...I have been disconnecting myself from a lot of things...

otherwise I feel I can go insane from too much going on around me...

I DON'T WANT to disconnect... I want to surround myself with what i love while at the same time just let things be
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The bend of the arm, the wound, even the title suggest to me death, not sleep. A removal, in any case, from a life fulfilled.
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I appreciate your interpretation very much Jay. I suppose that's the inherrant human condition that we all feel.
I must explore that further.

This work actually began when a very large heron kept coming into my garden and eating gold fish...often leaving behind the macabre details of attack. I even started having nightmares about my little fish being taken so 'mercilessly'. The heron in my garden seemed so out of context.
In the end I accepted that the heron was just doing what herons need to do and I put a screen over the pond.

....but it made me think a lot about my reaction and then inevitably about our separation from the natural world.
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You accepted the bird and turned it into an act of creation. Commendable.

Those dancing shoes. She's still wearing them.
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