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'just being'

‘just being

Terracotta/ wash/ metal patinas
h.100cm x w.42cm

The fifth and final work in the ‘mene-mene’ series for 2012 has perhaps arrived at some sense of acceptance and balance. This figure is connected to the earth. The fingers are confident and they reach down into the earth. This is a reference to ‘the earth touching mudra’. The hat also makes reference to those worn by so many practitioners in the past who have sought to ‘bring spirit down’.
The face is serene. There are no embellishments… except for the tie around the figure’s neck and the marks left by the artist’s modelling tool. There is a sense that the masks of pretence and avoidance can be picked up and worn but it seems more likely that they will remain below.
This work may be difficult to accept because there is no conclusion… it is an enigma.
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10/600 second
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55 mm
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Oct 24, 2012, 12:57:46 AM
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We tend to look at stasis as 'nothing happening.' But stasis also suggests equilibrium. This series - and all of your work - is about trying to achieve or maintain balance. I believe you succeed every time.

I have missed seeing your work here, but I suspected you were busy in the studio. Indeed you were.
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
Thanks again Jay....please know that I always look forward to your informed and thoughtful comments.
......and now you've come up with something more for me to work through and to be challenged by.

.....are we all trying to find the still point in our experience where we feel real and right? ......a place where we're meant to a way working in the arts is a good place to explore this.

I for one hope that by the end of my career I feel content about were I've spent my energy.

.....and what about you?
You appear to be driven....your style and public approval established....but do you have any sense of incompletion. I notice that your works swing from simple characters to satire and political references to highly expressive and emotive gestures. Is there an aspect that you would like to explore further?
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You say that by the end of your career you hope you will be content about where your energy was spent. I suppose it's the artist's lot to feel uncertainty in order to keep striving for perfection, but no one who sees your work has any doubt it was anything but time and energy well spent. It's an incredible body of work.

As for me, do I have a sense of incompletion? I'm kind of a one trick pony. I often feel the need to branch out a bit, but I've followed Fritz Perl's advice of "Don't push the river" for so long, I may be content with stasis. Baby steps for me. I did just open an art gallery, so I guess I have a new avenue of exploration there. Let's see.. an art gallery, clay, stained glass... maybe I do have more than one trick.