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'is this it' finished

‘is this it’

During each year I like to create several works that begin by referencing the ancient Buddhist icon of Tara. They are always a joy to work with.

Tara is often said to be the most popular ‘goddess’ in the Buddhist pantheon. She represents universal compassion and virtuous, enlightened activity.
‘ where mind and heart meet in wisdom’

My challenge has been to portray this energy as if it is in a ‘modern woman’ and then to re-interpret it in a contemporary guise. One that can be seen demonstrated in society today.

Although she is seated in a traditional posture her energy is heightened and she is not serene. Her apparel suggests decorative excess, perhaps more suited to the club scene and definitely indicative of our current need for ‘stuff’. In a traditional figurine she may have some connection to the earth but…in this work she is raised above and separated from the earth and would need to balance very carefully. One hand is still held at her heart while the other is holding a conch shell. She is listening out for others but perhaps with a mobile phone. Her hair is held up in extreme coils. These vertical lines echo those of her hands They are aspirational in direction. She also wears a mask that has been lifted off her face. She is seeing her world without pretence

I have finished her in iron-oxide at the base for earth and stability. Copper and gold patination has then been introduced across her head and shoulders. This glazing suggests a ‘moon-like luminosity’ and reminds us of her light and femininity. I wanted to create a beautiful energy with this work.
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breathtaking work
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
Thank-you Obsidian-Eyes.
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Excellent work and detail. She appears to wear heels too --> great touch 
Figit090's avatar
Turned out beautiful!!
The patina looks nice.
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
Thank you so much Andrew. I enjoyed visiting your gallery too. Your images are very striking.
Figit090's avatar
You're quite welcome, and thanks very much! =)
Samuel-Hardidge's avatar
Oh wow, this looks fantastic all coloured up.
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
Thanks Samuel...'I indulged' with this one.
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Gorgeous patina. From mineral to light.
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
Ah KwasiRa.....such a nice observation. I thought I would go overboard with this one.
zv3zda's avatar
It's incredible! :)
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
Thank you so much. I appreciate your support zv3zda.
Outsidemybox's avatar
Outstanding as usual. Its always a pleasure to see what you are working on.
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
The feeling is mutual Nahboozombie......I hope all is going well with your works too...I wait with anticipation.
ArthurMavros's avatar
Beautiful work!!!!
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
FatherStarvation's avatar
This is breathtakingly beautiful. Amazing job :)
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
I'm so glad you like it thank you.
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