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'i am here' detail

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Oct 31, 2010, 2:56:36 PM
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Yes it is.....but I try to re-interpret the Tara icon in a more contemporary way. A way that I hope many females today can identify with. ie. women today give out love in many forms and often put others before themselves.... but they also need to deal with some very challenging social expectations.
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I agree that Tara needs to be adapted to the western point of view for us to utilise her symbolism more completely. I think that is true for a lot of Buddhist symbolism/ritual/philosophy (especially those that incorporate a lot of shamanistic tradition). On the other hand there is an argument for staying true to ritual in case any of the intrinsic message gets lost.
When I did Tara practice I often thought of her as a cross between an Indian princess and Tank Girl :D
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Thank you for your informed comment......Buddhist teachings often suggest that personal practice needs to be adaptive.
Although I include many layers of symbolism in these figures, you will also notice that the mudras are often traditional.
My personal meditation practice is based on compassion and the exploration of levels of illusion that embraces the soul state.
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:heart: Your amazing deviation has been featured in this week's #Aus-Art - [link] - Featured Work.
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Congrats this piece has been chosen for the Featured Gallery for this week [link] :heart:
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Thanks again 'bibbles'. I really appreciate your support.
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I don't know if Iv'e commented on this one yet so:
the flow, the colors and the symbolism.
love seeing your work!
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Thank you so much....I keep on going back to this theme, so I guess there will be others. How are your works going?
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This is so beautiful. I am here - come and get me? thats how i interpret it, very lovingly !

Beautiful detailing ... how do you manage to create the stainging bronze - effect? also, kinda looks like my face :P
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Thanks Bruuno. I hope she looks like some aspect of universal femininity. I'm really glad you can see yourself in her.
The detailing is used to give the work a sense of energy. In this sculpture I wanted to give a sense of flowing out...not expanding up and out from the head. I suppose a little like a waterfall that flows down into a large my lines of detail or 'energy become wider at the bottom.
The finish is achieved with iron oxide and then layers and layers of finely ground metals that are held in liquid suspension. These are then rubbed back until the patina is soft....a little like the 'raku' technique without putting the work through the extremes of temperature.
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Beautiful . . and mystical. :deviation:
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