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'Fool' finished 1


In this work I have used the imagery of the jester or fool to explore an area of living that I think is the most challenging aspect of what it is to live the life of an artist.

How often do we as artists try to capture an inspired idea?……we jump in…..we commit….we try to re-create the original ‘spark’……we apply our skills…..we consider the public….we think……we think….we judge……we lose our way…..we then feel a sense of sadness ….we have failed to capture the original vision.

More often than not we then accept the work ‘with a laugh’ but somehow we feel defeated.
We did not quite get there.

Age or ill health catches up with us ……and the artist knows that more time will be needed….but the body or our chosen field has let us down…… and instinctively we know that we will not get there……

If only we could recognize our inherent ‘flawed humanity’.
'When we ‘fall from pure infinite potential’ into commitment, because creation is commitment, whether in writing or a painting or a piece of music, it is our commitment to a particular action that is the voluntary limiting of ourselves'….but still we keep trying and you’ve ‘gotta love that!’
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It's a very insightful comment and a very effective “submissive male” pose.
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Thank you so much - Спасибо
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I so love this piece. Came back to your gallery just to see it. :deviation:
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
Thanks's always so good to hear your feedback. I hope all is going well with your latest?
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This is great..
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Gorgeous. I adore the meaning and thought behind this piece. Very nice work. :clap:
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Thank you so much Angele. I appreciate your comment.
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I've featured this piece in my journal here: [link] :heart:
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stunning work! congratulations! stay well! ;-)
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
Thank you Michael. I loved your last set of images's great to be reminded of 'the hard labor' and the rewards of a sculptors life.
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Nice to see him finished and yet still lacking in refinement.
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
The look of 'lacking in refinement' was certainly my aim with this one...I hope he looks a little worn or fragile and pensive....but still he's thereThank you, as always Jay for your valued comments.
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Poor fool! Who will cares for him? – even though he wears the very stars on his shoulders.
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Thank you Beatrice.....I hope he has reached a stage in his life where he can gently accept himself.
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Your comments are as cogent as your work is competent! Which is very...You will better understand my appreciation of both if you look at my "Chess Set" folder - or the other clay pieces. It isn't just sympathy - it's empathy!
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
Ah thank you's good to meet another sculptor! Your chess pieces are great too.
NLTSculptor's avatar
Yes, it's fine to meet someone who also understands the vagaries of clay! I had to learn to build hollow by guess and by gosh...Always build in a cross-wall, to keep things from racking. By the way, the Chess set pieces range from 18" to 22" in size.
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
Wonderful....they must be very impressive to look at. Do you intend to create a full set?
NLTSculptor's avatar
I did the 16 pieces that go on one side, in four months, sometimes working on three or four at a time. Then I did nothing for a year and a half! I decided not to make the other 16 "men" for the other side - how many bearded, horn-helmeted Saxon warriors could I stand to make???
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Fantastic work as always!
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
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