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This work is unfinished. I am still experimenting with surface treatments.
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very beautiful and inspiring!
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Thank you so much Catherine.....That's great to hear!
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wonderfull sculpture!!! it´s great!! congratulations!!
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
Thank you so much hilenargi.
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Sculpture: 10/10
Photo: 4/10

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This is amazing, ive only tried sculpture once, i'll have to post it for you to look at (It's not so good) But these are truly amazing. how long have you been working in 3d?
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
Thank you Kabbeko. I'll look forward to seeing your sculpture. I started working in clay when I was about ten years old. then moved through several other mediums at different times of my life to suit the circumstances. Today it's mainly clay but I might have to rethink that because I live in a very high bush fire area and for a lot of the year firing is impossible.
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This is stunning!
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
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That's gorgeous, iron oxide/rutile?
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Thank you sentimentalfreak. Yes it's iron oxide.
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ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS AND PROFESSIONAL WORK .. .. FELICIDADES ME OUT TO MAKE A GREAT TASTE OF REALITY IN MOUTH .. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful ...ALL OF MY DARE TO GET TO WORK AS WELL AS YOUR work...congratulations..good luck and hugs froom mexico!!!
JulieSwanSculpture's avatar
Thankyou Agarwen, we sculptors need to support each other. Keep well!
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OK .. THANK YOU .. YOU CAN ALSO IN MIND assisting me and will be happy to help .. I still have much to learn, and I would love ALSO LEARN FROM IT...HUGS FROM MEXICO..GOOD LUCK
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