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Hi All,

I'd like to invite you to Enthusiart Exhibition at District 01 in Darlinghurst NSW, Australia.

A number of my photos are on display in this exhibition.  If you have time, please come along on 25 Feb 2011 for free drinks and canapes on 25 Feb from 6pm.  RSVP and further details are listed here:

Opening hours
Friday 25 Feb 2011 from 6pm Opening Night free drinks and canapes
Saturday 26 Feb 2011 11am - 6pm
Sunday 27 Feb 2011 12pm - 5pm

Hope to see you there!

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If you're interested in acquiring a copy of Adobe Lightroom software, please contact me. I have two copies and am selling one of the copies.

Aside from that, thanks for visiting my dA account. I was absent for a few months and am just getting back to taking more pictures. Also thanks for those who have left comments on my dA account while I was away. Sorry, I didn't get back to you for a long time.

I think my D300 needs cleaning a bit. I can see a few dust spots on the photos. I suppose, it's only fair that dust gets in - last I checked the shutter count is now about 7,500. Hmmm.. My Nikkor 105mm VR lens is getting a bit out of use - hopefully I'll get to use it tomorrow.


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... So that we might learn to pick ourselves up.

This is one of my favourite quotes from Batman Begins.  It's been the one that keeps me going.

I've posted new photos that I've taken during my trip from Canberra.  I'll be posting some more once I have enough sleep tonight :D

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Good day to my fellow dA watchers.

I apologise for the extended absence.  I was fairly busy with a few things in February and March.  I was fairly content with how the year had gone - despite my broken pda, losing my train ticket, and other unexpected incidents.  The extended absence was then prolonged by a robbery.  We lost a number of valuable items.  One of which was my laptop which had all my photos.  It is a bummer to lose all the photos but it was all my fault too not having a comprehensive backup system.

So, I guess I just start back retaking photos that I thought were good :)

I do hope that's it for this year and no more unexpected hurting surprises.

Have a happy easter and thanks for your visits!

Julie *missing her laptop badly*

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It’s unbelievable!  I finally have my own wacom :)

I received it as a birthday present… I love it!!

Some work that I’ve done using wacom is:
Summer Morning

I edited the photo using Lightroom 1.4 with the help of Matt.  He gave me a guidance on the contrast/brightness setting.  I then cropped the image and imported to Gimp for further postcard style editing.  I’ve always liked droolz’s postcard submissions – they look so nice.

Check out some of droolz’s postcards:

[how I wish I’m a dA paid member, so I can show the thumbnails! Looks like I need to save up for a membership soon]

Now I have a little reservation about owning a wacom, simply because I’m no graphic designer or artist.  So, I feel a little over-privileged to own one.  It is a bad thought, but I’ll try to rectify this silly thought by using it more and more…

Lastly, I’d like to thank my watchers and visitors. It’s been great to see people enjoy and are interested in my wallpapers/photos.  Photography is still a fairly new, but has been a consistent hobby of mine.  It’s been a little over 2 years since I bought my first camera.  I hope I’ll use my wacom and get better at it at the same rate as I have with photography.

Have a great weekend everyone!

… and those who live in Sydney; get out, go to the beach, summer is nearly over!!!


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Yes, I'm twenty six now.  

It's a busy day today at work.

A couple of friends gave me flowers and chocolates. My boss gave me Ferrero Rocher and one of my friends gave me a cook book.  I can't ask for more. (Actually I can; another lovely evening with Matt).

I'll post a few more wallpapers through out the week.

Peaks 'n' Cuts

Have a lovely day!
Julie *amused how it's not raining today*

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I'll be pushing more wallpaper submissions this year and start with macro photos again.

To get to know GIMP a little better, I have recently posted two wallpapers with writing on it.  I'm not sure if writing on wallpaper is favourable.

If you think photo based wallpapers should just be plain without any writing, give me a shout =D

More photos/wallpapers to be posted soon...

Have a great week!

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Today is officially my last day at work for the year.  It's been a great year; learnt more useful things at work and felt rewarded with my work too.

Now, 2 weeks holiday officially starts and I shall be going along for little adventures with my D300.

Looking forward to the new year with better quality photos, browsing more beautiful photos and leaving more comments/critiques.

For an inspiration, check out: The Daily Matt.  Please leave comments and critiques :)

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2009!

Lots of hugs,

ps: I can't believe I've got "Last Christmas" stuck in my head for the past week!! ^^;

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I've been priviliged to use a Nikor 70-200mm 1:2.8G again on Friday, 14 Nov 2008. In this occassion, I was taking photos of the soccer match coordinated by the company where I worked for.  The match was to raise fund for Bear Cottage, an initiative of the Children's Hospital at Westmead, Australia.

This is my second time in taking photos of sports. I have very little experience in this field. Everything happens so quickly. The unpredictable light can be challenging. I have to admit that this work has been made so much easier with a digital camera. I must salute film users.  Preparation is the key, and applies to both film and digital.

With anything new, we learn a few things. At the soccer match, there were 3 simultaneous games. I kept focusing on my own team. But a few people dropped hints about the other team. Then, I realised that there were so many things going on. There were so many things to cover; preparation, decoration, supporters, coordinators.

Another funny but a sincere question that I got from taking photos during the game was, "Aren't you afraid of getting hit by the ball?". Well, as an uncoordinated person with a tunnel vision :confused:, enhanced by the great 70-200mm lens, I had to reply "No".  Things that I didn't see (or realise it was going to harm me), I couldn't be scared of.

I am glad and relief to say that I came out of the game, safe and not injured. The only thing left with me after the game, is the valueable lesson, an enjoyment of watching the game and most of all, an appreciation of my decision in electing photography as my hobby.

Thanks for reading my journal,
*dressing up as a bunny girl in Little Big Planet*

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It's the wrong year!!!

I changed the time on my camera about 4 weeks ago to adjust for daylight saving.

This has caused me a lot of grief as I accidentally changed the year as well.  I've been going back to the past, taking pictures in the year 2007. :O_o:

On another note, I'm very happy and surprised that my Old Grass wallpaper has been chosen as a DD.  It's very unexpected and I'd like to thank everyone for visiting my gallery and adding it as their favourites.

Speaking of favourites, check the Daily Matt.  Comments and feedbacks are much welcomed.

That's it for today.  I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday!!


I'm out.
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The menu tonight is nachos, yum!

Apart from that, MattLanham and I went near Jackson's landing :hug:

The photos I took are ready for posting.  I wasn't sure what I was expecting for when I took the pictures :giggle:

Anywho, it would be fun to see how different my shots and Matt's shots will be... :evillaugh:

I always find it interesting when taking pictures together with friends.  We see things differently, we take pictures of the same objects, but they all turn out different.


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Slowly learning how to configure an apache server...

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One week of holiday went pass so quickly!

Anyway, I didn’t win the Macro contest.  So, I’ll try to improve this field of photography.

I've been playing around with PHP code lately - it's quite nice to be back to a non-sql code style again.


ps: I want a Nikon D300 stamp; how and where do I get one of those things? hmmm..

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The long waited for holiday is here!! Woo hoo!

Nice and relaxing.  I'll post a few more photos in the next couple of days.

I'm waiting for the result of the 2008 Detail in Macro Contest.

Have a great week.

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Just need a hug

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Sydney was beautiful this morning.  Hopefully this keeps up for tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to taking more pictures.

I spent most morning walking around to find a good deal on mobile phones.  I finally narrowed down the choice to Sony Ericsson w910i or Nokia 6220.  Unfortunately most places were out of stock on w910i.  It should be easy to just get 6220, right?

w910i is ergonomically better than 6220.  So, I guess I just have to wait for a few days or weeks before they have w910i in stock again.

Ah Sony, I never thought that I'd like you thiiiiis much!

I promise when I finally get around to buy a new phone, I'll do a couple of product shots and post them :D

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Not much to write - I've just joined World-Club

I reformatted my laptop, had a bit of an issue with "catalog" and backup of LightRoom.  I thought that the backup contained all the backed up modification to the raw files, but it seemed not.  Worse of all, the catalog that I copied across didn't seem to be the one I wanted.

Well, I shall be more cautious next time.

I'll take more photos soon.  In the mean time, I'll be uploading more photos from the past.

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It finally hits 1,000 page views :)

Due to lack of time, I think I'll stay low with taking photos and just enjoy browsing some of the amazing work I've discovered in the Black and White photo section recently - News: Black-white - expressive mood.

Have a great end of the week.

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I've been looking at some macro shots by other people using a 50mm Zeis Macro lens.  They looked amazing and inspiring.

Yesterday, I finally went around town for a couple of hours.  Firstly to enjoy the day, as it's been a while since I don't have to do any errands on the weekends.  I packed up my D300 and decided to put my Nikkor 105mm macro lens.  I still had my other lens with me just in case other things might come up.

I forgot how much I love macro shots.  Some photos turned out quite well; which I'm going to post in the next few days.  One thing that I kept forgetting and kept telling myself to remember was the importance of depth of field in macro shots (I suppose like any other types of photography too).  As the time progressed, I got more used to with the manual settings again to achieve what I wanted... almost... I still need more practice.

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