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Hunter June Task 02

By JulieKarbon
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- Show the Iaponese Ambassador around Andalusst city and keep her entertained. She doesn't seem all that fussy, so 
a charisma stat of 2 or higher is all that's needed to make her comfortable. In spite of this, teams who forgo the usual formalities in order to offer a more crude (but perhaps genuine) company will incur a STRIKE. Teams who successfully defend against a ninja attack from any of the three renegades will be awarded a MERIT and any previous strikes obtained while on this task will be ignored.

Since :iconcailas-moon: said me this
"I'm afraid the team isn't quite eligible for this reward, since they haven't been shown even interacting with the Ambassador, much less showing her around. If you can slip in even a single panel of interaction within the next few days, that should be enough to get the item, though earning the Merit will require a bit more work. Please also link both apps on available pages."

I hope this should do fine >w<! This actually happens after Jules and Boomer ended the main task, after securing the Sceptile to the Hunters Main Headquarters, and so they decided to let the Ambassador have a look around the city. 

I don't know if this is valuable for the Merit thing, but if not, it doesn't matter so much ;w;
I'll sign below the things that need to be approved, I will remove them from the main App if there will be something wrong!

Ornate Chopsticks
+1 Merit

for :iconpmdunity:
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SeiishinStudent General Artist
I should really catch up. xD
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cailas-moonHobbyist General Artist
You're good for the main objective, but it doesn't quite meet the Merit requirements. You still have some time if you'd like to go for it, but if not, I'll go ahead and verify it on the Atlas.
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JulieKarbonHobbyist Digital Artist
Nah, I'll take the Chopsticks but no merit then! :3
cailas-moon's avatar
cailas-moonHobbyist General Artist
All righty, then, verified~
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JulieKarbonHobbyist Digital Artist
Thankies so much ^w^