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Evil Teenage Numbuh 5

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Drawn for an art trade for one of my good friends, Saberlock
His request was, What Abby (Numbuh 5) would be doing when she's no longer part of the KND

My idea was, Since Captian Stickybeard (The Pirtate) Offered that once all his teeth fell out, she would inherit all of the candy and his ship.
So, I thought since when you turn 13, you are no longer part of the KND, she had to turn somewhere.. And a Boatload of candy seems like a "Sweet" deal ^_^

So here ya go Sabe!
The Evil Candy-stealing Teenager, Captian of the Sweet Revenge, Abby Lincoln!
Hope ya like it! :D
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i can totally see this being where she ends up as a teen 
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She must be one of those undercover teenagers still working for the Kids Next Door.
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Hey even teens have to enjoy their candy :)
ghostkillaAlex's avatar
Candy pirate abby vs foxy the pirate
mobilesuitsoldier's avatar
I love what-ifs. It's awesome. :+fav:ed
VampireHoodlumCynder's avatar
Wow! This is one of the best pics I've seen yet. :)
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gamewizard-2008Student Digital Artist
She 'as her booty!
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SuperSkyFandomsLumStudent Digital Artist
Hee hee, XD nice one. ^^
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SuperSkyFandomsLumStudent Digital Artist
Holy crud! I have never, Ever, expected this.

Nonetheless this is lovely, beautiful and a great idea. :)
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summerautumnHobbyist Artist
Only as an undercover mission, sector V and Numbuh 362 were falsely decommissioned as interviews implied saying that Numbuh 9 was right, Numbuh 5 got selected for the "TND" black ops group along with the rest of her sector and then accepted Stickybeard's offer as a plot to give the new knd supreme leader an endless supply of candy while posing as an enemy, I think that Numbuh 83 would be the one to lead after her and 84 to get the decommissioning squad (keeping the idea of leader and best friend or partner making numbuh 2 get such a promotion) Nice!
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AgentNumbuh227Hobbyist General Artist
Abby makes a cool pirate.
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chibi-kitsune1Hobbyist Artist
EPIC!!!!! Need I say more?
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And she probably didn't have to wait too much before his teeth fell. What happened to Captain Stickybeard afterwards?
Twisted-Curiosity's avatar
Badass mamajama. I love her!
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She actually looks like Cree.
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SombraLNHobbyist General Artist
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nice love it you should make all of them
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I wrote a story about a Numbuh 5 in the pirates once. I think there's another one, too, with Hoagie as some air-raider pilot that keeps attacking
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feather-queenHobbyist General Artist
This is a brilliant idea..it makes sense too..If else else fails go to the candy!:giggle:
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That skull looks like Grim! ;P
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Wow great job :)
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