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Monsters Meme - Tami

I wanted to upload this on hallowen but I finished 2 days later :dummy:

I had this meme on my TO DO LIST for ages and just now I got inspired to do it! and I hope its ok ^^;

I still can't pick a favorite... I really liked how each monster version of Tami turned out 8D
this is a great meme! really had fun doing it 8D

Monsters MEME (c) - :icongajebump:
Tami (c) - mememememeeee
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The Mummy has to be my favorite Tammy monster
juliefofisss's avatar
8D I like that one too! and Zombie Tami :heart:
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Sooooo awesome meme. 😃
Dr-Innocentchild's avatar
zombie and pokemon monster are the best!
Ferny654's avatar
awesome. :) I love the dinosaur and Pokemon! :D
juliefofisss's avatar
Thanks 8D
I figure you would like the pokemon one XD
WaywardDemon's avatar
seriously bad ass ^,^ hows you been little one ?
THWT's avatar
Super cute! But really creepy XD I dunno how that can work... XD
juliefofisss's avatar
lol XD i can't figure that out either!
but I'm glad you like it :meow:
LunarLotis's avatar
Really good job of it all but my fav is the robot X3
juliefofisss's avatar
8D thank you very much
DeLunne2011's avatar
Adorei! Principalmente a versão zumbi! Eu adoro zumbis!!!

Mikey is #1! :icondummymikeyplz: It’s PIZZA time! :happybounce:
Visit my :gallery: too!
Icon made by ~Anne-xxx-4
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8D que bom q vc gostou! :meow:
todas as versões me deram muito trabalho pra fazer , é por isso q eu num consigo escolher um favorito XD
MarshmallowSkirt's avatar
Oh wow, this looks amazing! :heart:
The zombie and mummy are fantastic ~
juliefofisss's avatar
thank uu dear :meow:
I knew you would like them XD
MarshmallowSkirt's avatar
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Awesome work on the meme. What's the Pokemon that Tami is represented by?
juliefofisss's avatar
Thank uu darlin' :heart:
*Raphaelsgirl helped me out with this one, it's a new fossil pokemon called Tirtouga 8D
DNLnamek01's avatar
You're welcome.

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:dummy: yaaay
Thank uuu X3 :heart:
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