Imagined Realms: Book 1 Kickstarter Launch

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I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first issue of Imagined Realms, an annual art publication featuring positive and diverse representations of women in fantasy and science fiction. Each book will feature 10 exclusive and new illustrations created by me specifically for the book. 

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Available for purchase are the printed books, 6”x8” and 11”x14” print packs that have all 10 illustrations, limited edition fine art giclees, and a downloadable process video showing my digital painting method. 

Please check it out and spread the word! 

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MMWoodcockProfessional Digital Artist
I will wait for another paycheck before I splurge on this. I already bought a $50 book earlier in the year for a kickstarter that will be here in a few months :XD:

It will be amazing! I can already tell :D Is it going to be perfect bound or spiral bound? Preview kinda looks spiral bound- which i would freaking love!- but I can't tell. :)
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It is spiral bound (technically wire-o binding). Since there are only 22 pages, perfect bound unfortunately wasn't an option, and I wanted it to still have a printable spine and thick pages (neither of which are an option with a saddle-stitch), so it's a semi-conceal wire-o binding, which means the front cover wraps around and covers up part of the binding, like this:… I have a blank mockup of the book that my printer made, and I think it feels pretty nice in hand. 

Depending on how it goes, I might end up selling a few online after the KS, since I may need to print extra books to get the quantity printing discounts.  :) 
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MMWoodcockProfessional Digital Artist
Oh no girl, Imma get this book soon! haha I just need patience :XD: I've never seen  wire-o binding before. I've always heard of spiral/coil binding. I was picturing it being like this-… However, I think since your books will be softcover, it wouldn't be an option since there is no hard covers for the inner pages to attach.

I can't wait! I'm sure after book one and two, hopefully, the funding for 3 will allow you to get exactly what you want! Although, if the coiling is more cost efficient/consistent, it could be that with better funding there would be more stretch goals or other items available :)
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I liked the hardcover idea, but with a book this small, it didn't seem to make financial sense, since I'd have to charge more for them and I'm a little wary of charging that much for what is essentially 10 illustrations. I do definitely want to put out a bigger hardcover retrospective later on, and it'll have all the bells and whistles. With these books, I wanted it to be something more affordable for both myself and the customer, so I could afford to do them on a regular basis. :) 
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Audley Writer
This is such a fantastic project - I cannot say how happy seeing something like this makes me. I'm sure it will be a great success (:
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mhazaru Digital Artist
Looks like it's off to a great start. I just backed you as well. Good luck with it!
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ReiluneProfessional General Artist
Beautiful. <3
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