Cover art for The Dark Is Rising Sequence

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By juliedillon
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Last year I was contacted by Simon & Schuster to do new covers for their upcoming boxed set of The Dark Is Rising Sequence By Susan Cooper! I am incredibly honored to have worked on them, they are such wonderful books. The boxed set will be available 6/11/13. :)
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Kennon1stHobbyist Photographer
Fantabulous! I love the Dark is Rising Sequence!
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AuroraDragon2272Hobbyist Digital Artist
AMAZING! Congratz!
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keitoneHobbyist Digital Artist
whoa I remember this series!! Wow that's greart!!
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pita-tentenHobbyist General Artist
Gosh eff it all! I should have waited to buy the series... This is my favorite book. X3 Well I hope more copies will be sold with your art for the cover! :D
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Deborah-ValentineProfessional Traditional Artist
brilliant packaging! very professional!
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dauntingfireProfessional Digital Artist
Oh my goodness, I got CHILLS when I saw this post! This is so exciting, these are some of my favorite books of all time and the fact you illustrated the box set?? AMAZING! I'm buying it as soon as they the boxset is available. Congratulations again, that is so fantastic! The results are incredibly perfect and suiting for her work. :')
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Julie, you've always been one of my favorite artists. I used to use your drawing tutorials when I was a little girl! So, these are some of my very favorite books, and I have to say, I'm so PROUD of you and so happy that they chose you to do the cover art! Well done! Your work is so magical-- thank you for sharing it with us!
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J-M-MartinHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, Julie. These look fantastic. You did a damn fine job. It makes me wanna read 'em.
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harumeauProfessional General Artist
That's amazing :D I love those books. They look fantastic. :)
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harumeauProfessional General Artist
That's amazing :D I love those books. They look fantastic. :)
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AldebaranJewel Digital Artist
Yaaay! My favorite series! Congrats on the commission. I hope I can get a set some day. ^_^
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FlockofFlamingosHobbyist Digital Artist
OH MY GOSH! I have been wanting to add this series to my steadily-growing library for years now, and now seems the perfect time! Beautiful work for an amazing series. :)
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Wonderful! I love your art and I love this series, and it's wonderful that I just started reading the books again after decades, and just bought a boxed set...with the old art. Oh, well. Guess I'll get this one, too. (These covers are really great.)
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MorgalahanHobbyist Digital Artist
Thats wonderful! I've been reading this series again and again for years now, since 1996 or so. I own a complete edition novel which has all of the books in one, but I would love to own your box-set one day :D

I would have to say that this series has been on the the most influential fantasy series for me growing up. They have an E. Nesbit feel to them, but also a post modern feel that makes me feel that Susan Cooper was way before her time. Some of the images she invokes are truly epic, in the old fashioned sense of the word.

I think your art would do this series justice. I can't wait to get a closer look ;)
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shadrach-ankiHobbyist General Artist
Well, I think I see a box set replacement in my future. My copies of these books are old and in sorry shape, but I haven't liked any of the cover art on the editions that have been released until now. Awesome work!
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odile-rosaeProfessional Traditional Artist
Beautiful! And what a fun project :)
Will you be posting the individual covers?
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KaurianaHobbyist Digital Artist
That's awesome!
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impluvium General Artist
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LouisaGallieProfessional Digital Artist
Oh, they are just gorgeous! I really want the set so I can see them up close now :)
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alovesickmanProfessional Writer
This is pretty amazing I'm stunned.
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That is fantastic! I only have the Omnibus (I read these pretty late) and this looks like the perfect time to pick up a boxed set :)
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dhenyProfessional Digital Artist
WOW, that looks awesome! Great work.
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