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WotC: Tieflings

I realized I haven't posted any of my WotC work in a while, so here are some illustrations I did for the
Player's Handbook Races: Tieflings

© Hasbro (Wizards of the Coast).
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I love Tieflings! ^u^

And Drow....
Her bonus to seduce me would make it so easy lol
That rogue is hot. I'd be into that.
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[Insert "Wish I was as good as you, yadda yadda" here]

I took me another look back, but only then did I notice her taking his keys XD
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Oh my gosh! I have the book with these pictures in it, and it turns out that you made all of my favorites! Applause!
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Wow !
I like the scene with the charmer tieflings and the stupid guard !
He makes me laugh ! ^^
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I just scored this book (pamphlet), nice work. I do miss the imagery created by the Planescape version of the tiefling though as the newer versions are strictly from the baatorian perspective.
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excellent as always!
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Great to see work from you. Very awesome
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Admittedly I don't usually look at your work but this is one of those that I keep going back to. It's bloody unique!
The colours and intimate details are enthralling, and there's always more than enough action to take in for this particular piece.
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beautiful works dude!:D
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whoa @ bottom right! The whole hand-hoding-shiny-thing is overdone as hell, but it never gets old. To me, at least. Especially when paired with such an interesting face :>
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While personally I cannot stand WotC's massive alterations to tiefling appearance for 4th Edition D&D compared to previous work in 2e and 3e and current Pathfinder material, your artwork Julie is amazing as always. :)
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it´s very good
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These look fantastic! I like the girl on the bottom stealing the keys. ;)
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This is so nice! The illustration and coloring styles both fit well together, awesome job!!!
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:O I've seen those! I play a tiefling, so I've looked through all the books for pictures of them so I could have reference to draw my character. I used the top left one for some reference. Of course, my rendering is nowhere near as good, but I'm still proud of it. It's always nice to "meet" someone whose work you really admire. Bravo!
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Holy crap, you do art for WotC? You're freaking amazing!
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