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WotC: Martial Power 2

I'm going to try to get caught up posting on some of my WotC work. ;) Here's some of the are some illustrations I did last August for the Dungeons & Dragons: Martial Power 2 book.


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awww... poor gargoyle... but still cool ^__^
TollersTree's avatar
This is truly an epic illustration. It makes want to go back and watch that gem of a classic; the Dungeons and Dragons 80's cartoon.
Kris-Chua's avatar
Wow, your works are....I'm speechless... wow.....
Heartsetter's avatar
hahahah... gargoyle gunna die!!! and so are goblins
tomthefanboy's avatar
Love the gargoyle's expression on the lower left.

I don't know why the elf is bothering in the lower right. The rest of the party always ends up charging straight ahead. The bastards.
DBlundo's avatar
What programm you use?
Que-Lastima's avatar
Does anyone else feel sorry for that gray creature that resembles a gargoyle?
Hubby-N-Dad's avatar
OMG, you're drawing D&D stuff.... must. resist. sending. you. a. note. [dies]
Maroonz80's avatar
omg i love dungons and dragons this is so cool XD
Timeship's avatar
Very good work, pleasantly illustrative.
christoefour's avatar
Beautiful work, Julie. incredibly dynamic work :)
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saeth-kaleanae's avatar
I am currently playing a Gargoyle in a 3.5e campaign, so seeing this is somewhat painful. I love the fear in his expression though.
smartmonkeee's avatar
wowza!! nice lines and love the face on that poor gargoyle like creature.
Sfinga's avatar
Great work! And a special like for the gargoyle, he looks so cute :D
Ellygator's avatar
Fabulous characters and battle scenes.
steampunkpainter's avatar
very nice, good sir.
i may sound dumb but what is WotC
Mozart-the-Cat's avatar
These are all wonderful! I love your coloring style.
CircuitDruid's avatar
ohoh the look on that poor little gargoyles face ^.^ adventurers are so scary.
hrhtomas's avatar
"Are we the X's or the O's?"
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Magnificent work! Very crisp colors! :D
livska's avatar
How cool that You make the artwork for these books!
And I agree, poor gargoyle, but he probably deserves it ;)
Where do you get the inspirations for drawing monsters like that?
Yaling's avatar
I'm always amazed by your coloring, the colors are so rich.

I really like how dynamic your drawings are too!
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