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July 20, 2014
Suggester said: "Her work is beautiful and vibrant and invites you to take part in every piece of it - there is almost nowhere you can look without being taken by another subject or element."

This artist was also suggested by LornaKelleherArt and Astralseed 

Slumbering Naiad by juliedillon
Featured by breeanns
Suggested by Audley
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Slumbering Naiad

Here is another piece from my project Imagined Realms on kickstarter. :) 

If you would like to purchase prints, giclees, or the Imagined Realms book itself, please visit:…  and support the project. :) (Note: Prints will not be available elsewhere online.)

EDIT: Thanks for the DD!! :D :heart:

Also, since people have been asking, she's not trapped in the water cube, don't worry. My idea was that she's doing the mermaid equivalent of sleepwalking, except instead of walking around in her sleep, she subconsciously causes the water around her to float. I would imagine the egrets appreciate this since they have greater access to various small fish now.  I was going to title the piece "Somnambulant Naiad" to reflect the sleepwalking part, but that's kind of a mouthful.  
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This is BEYOND!
Bonnie Bruh Chat Icon 
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SO MUCH I LOVE ABOUT THIS!!! She's proportionate, her arms look strong but not excessively muscular, and she looks so at peace. Also the lighting is gorgeous?
I am not sure where to start, but I don't want to leave without leaving a comment.

She is so lovely in so many ways: the colors, the tranquility on her face, the relaxation in her body...just stunning.

I am not familiar with your project, but I am about to be, because if it produces *this* then I am All. In. 

Thank you so much for sharing your work and your vision.
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So interesting idea!
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This is truly magnificent!
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awesome dude!
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So original !! I love it :D !!
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great concept!
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This is what happened to the world after the extinction of humanity. It all turned cubed and the wonderful world of minecraft was created. But this is awesome!
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This is so extraordinarily imaginative - I love how you gave the organic elements an almost mechanical, sci fi and modular feel with the cubes... simply amazing!
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I love this so much. It is so beautiful. 
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Damn this is surreal! Awesome work. And your story of her sleepwalking makes it even cooler! 

I also like the design of the mermaid herself, how it's all lake-based. 
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Beautiful! Like a dream!
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Ooh! Very imaginative!
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very interesting!
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What a pleasantly surreal concept. I love how fresh and cool the lighting is.
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so.. she's basically Klaus from American Dad..? hhe... :D
awesome artwork with a great concept! nice job!
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This just reminds me of Cabin in the Woods.
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