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September 8, 2011
Samus Aran by *jdillon82

The suggester said: "The reason I like this piece of art so much is because the concept is very simple, but it's just done so wonderfully - the lighting, shading, and all the little details. "
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Samus Aran

I felt like drawing some Metroid fanart between other projects. And I wanted to draw Samus Aran in her armor (although I took a few liberties with the suit design), to help counterbalance all the other art with her wearing that ridiculous "zero suit" or some other revealing outfit. Which... that's fine and all (who doesn't like a little cheesecake now and then?), but not every single female character in video games has to be reduced down to how good they look in skimpy clothing. Samus is a badass. She's one of the few female characters out there who gets to wear armor that has a purpose aside from showing off her figure. Let her have her big awesome armor. ;)
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hey your art is being sold on displate by "MintInvestmentsLLC" are you aware?

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I was not aware. X( Thank you for letting me know, I'll see if I can get it taken down.

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This is sick! So cool

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This is an awesome masterpiece and I totally agree with your message. 

There's more to a person than their suits and Samus is one of the people to prove that. It's not the clothes that make the woman, it's the actions. She's super cool and has been one of my favorite heroes of all time. She's one of the people who actually gets the job done instead of waiting for someone else to do it for her. She always thinks of a solution, and when the situation gets tight... she's bound to find a way to neutralize the enemy and get out of there. She keeps her head cool and doesn't freak out.

I saw your artwork on Theophany's remix of "Into the Depths":… .
Both the music and the picture fits perfectly together. 

Again, amazing work! I really love this. Thank you for posting this for everyone to see. 
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Good lord, thank you for the awesome drawing AND the message. Indeed her Zero Design is far beyond rediculous, I dislike the design and how Samus usually gets depicted without the suit awfully sexy. Just as you say, taking it to Metroid Prime and the games before that, she is that badass who takes care of getting her jobs done, instead of looking pretty for....... who? She's a loner, and she'd pretty much not hang around guys very often.
And yes, that amor is awesome, even because not obviously containing a female person. Your picture with the armor is totally awesome, like getting ready for a serious boss battle. Currently I am also drawing a picture of her, where she looks like the boss battle is already going for quite a while, with various major damages on her suit. I take the suit for being just as prominent as the person behind it. Great work there!
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Nice work, first of few that arent perverted...
Nice job, respsect
after drowning in so many butts and boobs i finally find this masterpiece! this is amazing i found my wallpaper
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There's the galaxy's greatest badass.
Thank you for creating an art piece that doesn't involve zero suit samus (more like skimpy suit samus). It's nice seeing a drawing of Samus in her actual Varia suit for once
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Holy shit this is bad ass. 
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SAMUS!!! Yes! :D I love this! You've captured her being the BA female warrior she is! :)
The lighting and her pose really makes this so badass.
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I'm beyond words.
Amazing bit of art. :D
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This! This is an AMAZING representation of Samus as the badass bounty hunter she is! Clap 
Nintendo would do well to remember what makes Samus such a great character, and design her accordingly. CURSE YOU! 
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I agree and this really captures her power in all her glory!!!!!
Your entire gallery has some of the most exeptional fantasy art i have seen i quite a long time!
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wow amazingLa la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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I finally found! I was searching the original author and you, I love the work you did and always use it as wallpaper for pc and my Smartphone.

Greetings from Chile! :D
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You are THE BEST ! 
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This pic is absolutely AMAZING!! WELL DONE!!
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