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Two characters of mine that I've been developing.
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I bought a 16x20 of this in 2010. It still evokes such emotion from me. It hangs centered on my wall in my bookstore and I still go up to it and try to smooth the brows to ease the ache. I have customers ask about it and tell them where to find you. I love this. It is my idea of beauty and the beast. I would love to have companion pieces to go with it. Similar in warmth and depth. Colors and diversity. Different women and different beast. I would fill my wall up. I just wanted to let you know that this has been and probably will always be my favorite fantasy art ever. Thank you! 
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I immediately think Beauty and the Beast.
Gorgeous stuff!
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What a beautiful depiction of the Horned God and Child
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So beautifully imagined and drawn. The best thing though is that the emotion comes out Heart 
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this is so lovely. you can see their feelings in this piece
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Oh wow this is really good
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Very beautiful picture.
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Your art is absolutely beautiful! 
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we can all use a little reassurance, sometimes. I like how the otherwise frail human female is reassuring the big burly masculine creature
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This is absolutely stunning....almost no words.
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beautiful, i love your style. <3
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So peaceful.
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This is wonderful.
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Awww <3 That's soo sweet and beautiful ...
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I definitely want to read this story. Looks so sweet!
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His horns are so larger than life and fantastical. The contrast is good. I like the clouds in the sky, they look pretty realistic.
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True love knows no boarders ;-) Super!
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love the expressions in their face
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