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Here is a cover I did for a project that was unfortunately cancelled, but I think it turned out nice :) 
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A pity the project was cancelled because that cover alone would have had me pick up the book!  Who is she? who is her companion?  The questions about them just spin out of my head and could only be answered by  reading the book.

A wonderfully dynamic piece that makes the viewer ask questions.
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Great composition of the streaks of light. I like the way they lead toward the characters.
Estheryu's avatar
you did it so great!!!I love your art!
LuciaAngelina's avatar
Loved your work for a while now. I must say I would really LOVE to see you illustrate Anne McCaffrey's  Crystal Singer series. You would be perfect. I think you would be great for Dragonriders of Pern too, IF you like creating dragons. All the best in your endeavours
CKReeves's avatar
Yes it did, too bad for that project!
NinaHoerz's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous - this instantly made me think of Mercy Thompson and Adam Hauptman (by Pat Briggs)
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baw, too bad the project got cancelled! But we still get to see some cool art, so not all is lost +v+
melusineistross's avatar
more than nice, Julie ! More than nice...
GG :)
Eeren's avatar
Splendid colors!!
StreetKombatfighter's avatar
well i like this cover ! :)
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Wonderful work, it's too bad the project linked to it was cancelled.
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Really nice, I like the composition :)
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StillnessTolls's avatar
Reminds me of the Mercy Thompson series ^^ great work~!
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Gorgeous. It makes me think of Shadowrun, or the game Prey.
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Beautiful piece Julie.
keight's avatar
It certainly did. I really like your palette choice in this one.
hawthornearts's avatar
I think you're my most favourited artist on this website. I'm really picky with my favourites, but almost everything you upload ends up going there.
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This reminds me of the Mercy Thompson series.  Very pretty!
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I had the same thought.
SkyManateeStudios's avatar
This is very beautiful!
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