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Just a few more pieces to post from Imagined Realms. :) I'd been working on this one off and on for years, it's great to have it finally done (or at least, I think it's done.) 

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Artist, with your permission, I would really love to write a story about this woman! I would publish it on tumblr, give you credit there, or link it to your deviant art if you don't have a tumblr. If you're against it then I absolutely wouldn't. Please let me know though.
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Sure thing! Thank you for asking, that sounds lovely :) 
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Thank you so much! Just wondering, does she have a name or is it alright for me to take creative freedom?
I'll let you know as soon as I'm finished and I can email you a copy before it goes up to see if you like it. Just let me know
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Please go right ahead and take creative freedom :) Thanks! 
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Thank you! I'll start very soon! 😀
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This is extremely beautiful. A total masterpiece, full of details and feelings.
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I absolutely LOVE this! 

As a disabled person, myself, I think this kind of art is very important. Thank you.
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oh wow : O I'd love to know the story behind this piece
I am sad that you don't sell prints for this, because I want to cover a wall with it.  Maybe two or three walls.  Possibly the ceiling.
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this is gorgeous!
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It's really beautiful, and richly detailed. The composition and colors are so lovely that it wouldn't surprise me at all if this ended up getting a DD at some point! Really a lovely piece.
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I love this piece so much, it's so beautiful and bittersweet.
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Absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors, the birds, the dress and jewelry on the woman... so beautiful!
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I saw this on Google + just amazing
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I really like the atmosphere here, how that woman seems to love and care for the birds, the peaceful and happy feeling the colors give off.
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One of my favorite from the series, I think. So much to look at and appreciate.
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You have such skill with colors.  Will you marry me?

I think you are the best artist on DA right now.
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I love all the bright colors.
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Love the contrast between the warm colors in the center and the cold colors up and down the canvas *thumbs up*
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