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Magic: The Gathering - Soulcatcher

My very first MtG card!! :) I'd been wanting to do Magic cards for years, and it was really exciting last year when I finally got to do a few! It was very surreal seeing it actually printed, since MtG cards are what got me interested in fantasy art in the first place way back in my early teens.  This one was titled "SoulCatcher."

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Well, this is a very interesting character. Amazing work.
TFSakon's avatar
Very cool, it has your signature vibrancy and fluidity of form, and it's quite regal in form as well.
gensanity's avatar
beautiful color combos and great action
The-Golem-Armada's avatar
First of all, this is gorgeous. Way to put your best foot forward!
Second of all, I would DIE if I could illustrate MtG cards! Good for you.
ehomps's avatar
Congratulations! beautiful illustration. Have a kid, plant a tree, get to do an illustration for a magic card :D
JMCaptein's avatar
i dont what it is but i absolutely LOVE this one. The colors, the bird, the staff, i dont know what it is but i cant get enough of it.
LadyMignon's avatar
congrats! I have the same resolution as you, even though I'm not good as you, I really hope one day I can have my own illustration on Magic the Gathering as well! :D :heart:
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iAmTheForcex3's avatar
Awesome :D How'd you get the opportunity to do a MtG card? Just interested 'cause I'm looking forward to doing one one day when my drawing skills are good enough :D
Starfox2o12's avatar
Congrats on your first card. I look forward to owning it one day.
XTheUltamateReaperX's avatar
Haha, I have this card. X3
YurixTheWanderer's avatar
Is the Soulcatcher the bird or the artefact? If it's the former, I would probably add something to the name.
iAmTheForcex3's avatar
It's the bird since the card says it's a creature-bird soldier :D 
juliedillon's avatar
I'm not in charge of naming the cards :) 
eagla-the-eagle's avatar
Yes a bird!
Looks great :)
karishi's avatar
Who ya gonna call?  Soul-Catcher!
YaraFerreira's avatar
Congratulations for your first MtG card! I'm willing to work with fantasy illustration...don't know if I'll be able to make cards one day, but I can imagine how exciting it must be =)
Sarc06's avatar
I havn't played magic in over a decade. It's kinda surreal to see your work on these cards.
Sir-Pumpkinhead's avatar
Loved to see this illustration, and was surprised to see it was yours :D
silentechoes1's avatar
This is spectacular art--congratulations! :D
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