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Lord Vetinari

I had a little bit of free time this week, so here's a quick portrait of Lord Vetinari, Patrician of Ankh-Morpork. :heart: :heart: :heart: Total badass, and my all time favorite Discworld character (though Vimes, Death and Granny Weatherwax are all tied in a very close 2nd. And I can't deny Otto von Chriek's charms, either). :D

© Terry Pratchett :)
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I'm quite late with this question, but I ask (and beg you also, as I don't know what to do if you disagree) - can I use this as avatar? :D I should say I use it everywhere already, as it's probably best Pratchett art I found ever, but I just thought about permission from author. So sorry for being so late with it. And I agree, that's badass character, and this art perfectly shows most important Vetinari's values, I love it so much <3
Brilliant! I'm preparing a blog post and wonder if I might be able to use it (with credit and linking of course)? Just let me know!
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You know you've got the look right when I can squint at a little square thumbnail in the sidebar and go "aha! That one must be Vetinari!"
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You do realize that this is the quintessential Vetinari picture on the internet. And now on my phone (though cropping out the blazing white to save battery power). Very well done!
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Absolutely stunning! Amazing Vetinari's portrait!
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holy crap, i got chills.

a face  like that will make me make up stuff to confess too!
great work!
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While I admit, I have many favourite Discworld characters, I can't deny that Lord Vetinari will forever outrank all of them.
Especially love the eyebrow - it's an underrated art, raising that eyebrow... :D
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Controlled malevolence. fantastic!
that's the best Vetinari i've ever seen! he's perfect!
I would've gone with Christopher Lee but he already portrays Death in what TV-movies there are of the Discworld. And Jeremy Irons just made the character in the live action adaptation of the Color of Magic.
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This is the first fanart I've seen of Vetinari that really gives me a feeling of terror when I contemplate being Listened At by him. Bravo!
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The sort of stare that gives one the unmistakable and distinctly unsettling impression of being peeled like an onion. :D
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Havelock is my hero!

Brilliant picture.

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Why are there no emoticons or icons with that posture and stare...?
That's our Patrician, that is. DEFINITELY don't let him detain you. ;)

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perfect embodiment
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"Don't let me detain you..."
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Love this guy. And you portrait him just perfectly :D He, Vimes and Death are my favourites XD
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Well... don't let me detain you...
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I still wince when seeing the eyes. I've been sickly in love with the patrician since I read Pratchett and this picture seems to be calmly telling the world...

Don't let me detain you.
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Oh, I love this! He looks absolutely perfect.
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