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Good Omens - Supernaturals

By juliedillon
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Here is the first batch of Good Omens characters (the supernatural side characters) I did for a facial anatomy and expressions class. These were originally all separated, but since there are 14 total I thought I should try to group things up a bit.. ^^;

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
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Brilliant character work - BBC did a full cast radio play of the book during Christmas, happened to see this while listening online.  Always sort've imagined Shadwell to be like you drew him
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Nice.  The metatron one is hilarious.  
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These are very nicely done.  My only qualm is with Beelzebub and the Metatron.  I quite liked the description of them in the book that said they "looked quite alike, except for the color of their flames."
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This one is my favorite. You really nailed the character depictions here; especially as they match up in my imagination. The Beelzebub one scares me! 
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I've never heard of this but I like famines facial hair. ha ha, what's this called again? Good Omens? Is this like a show or a movie or book or something?

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It's a really funny book
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Love them all, but here pollution's my favoutite
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Oh, I just love this...





How did you do it?


I'm pretty sure this is digital art right?



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I love this, good visual for what they look like.
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I quite like your depiction of them - Pollution and Beelzebub in particular.
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War looks awesome!!
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I think you've nailed down Famine and Beelzebub pretty well. Good job.
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I love how you drew Pollution and War ! The others are pretty awesome too !
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This is good. This is VERY good. You have skills. You've depicted them all very perfectly.
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Beautiful! I don't even know what else to say!
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totally love your good omens' drawings <3 you're so good!
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Now this is just SO VERY AWESOME. Wow.
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Oh wow, I really love this :D Pollution is done quite well, i like the discolorations on his skin
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LMAO I love the quote you used for the Metatron!!! I might be needing to read my copy of G.O. again....
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ooh, gotta love War. =)
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