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Dungeons and Dragons - Monster Vault - Tieflings

A pair of Tieflings from the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Vault released last year. :)

© Hasbro (Wizards of the Coast).
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© 2011 - 2021 juliedillon
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Love this illustration!
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Funny how the sorcerer is wearing more armour than the rogue... ;)
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they looks like draeneis from the world of warcraft))
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Gotta love dem tieflins

I'm playing one right now and it's my favorite character I have ever played.

Rolling initiative with charisma. NICE
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Look detailed

since you like dungeons and dragons would yu like to see this story I made for the game. I just made it up. I just want people to see if I'm good or not.
I love Tieflings!!!! >w< So badass and awesome.
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I like it. You have good control of what I am looking at.
However, I think you made the Firefox logo by accident.
The composition still works and you got paid so no worries.
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Love the strong colors! :)
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The hand is broken
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Really amazing colours here! I love it :D
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Gorgeous colours on this - I really love the lighting, too. :D
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Damn, those two guys are ugly as hell. Goat-lizard hybrids.
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loving the lighting and saturation on this ^_^
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Ahhh dayummmm the colors on this one *____*!! And they have just a fun kinetic energy in their bodies.
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nice one but I think the hand on the very left is wrong - like if the thumb was on the wrong side %]
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