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This is an illustration I did of the Demodragon (a demon/dragon hybrid) attacking a fortress. :) This was done for Dungeon Issue #147. Here's the original demodragon design, if anyone's curious: [link] :love:

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That is so BADASS!!!!
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I love that dragon!!! I remember seeing this artwork before in a site about characters from fantasy and sci-fi, in the Dragons' section, like 10 opr 11 years ago. You did really a good job!!
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Now that looks modern. :) I can't imagine how Tiamat will look like when you illustrate her. :)
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Tardos is in trouble again.
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This is so badass
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What's worst than a dragon? A demon dragon that's what. Great job.
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I remember seeing this dude in an episode of the old D&D cartoon.
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I think that any hero who decides to face this thing must have more guts than an international meeting of Overeaters Anonymous.

Awesome bloody creature, scary as mess.
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Was his father Demogorgon?
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Amazing work!! the details are awesome!
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brilliant work!
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I think I just sht my pants...
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This is so so so so sick :jawdrop:
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Thank you for this marvelous piece of art! This has inspired my next D&D session...
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It's ideas like this that make stuff like D&D fun in the first place XD
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Looks just like, or reminds me of Cuthulu! (Did I spell that right...?)
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Beautiful, love all the colors, the smoke, the tendrils trailing from its back, instant favorited.
definition of perfection
freakin SH A WEET pic [;
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